How to Prioritize and Protect Against Relevant Threats: Context is the Key

Joint webinar featuring ThreatConnect and FireEye iSight Intelligence: “How to Prioritize and Protect Against Relevant Threats: Context is Key”. The webinar covers how to prioritize your team’s response and put your intelligence to use.
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With 60% of security breaches due to human error, a centralized policy for all employees to follow is a must-have. The ability to define a centralized security policy and easily deploy it is critical. You need to be able to securely and confidently communicate between HQ and remote offices. In this


DNS Security: Safeguarding Your Online Presence

Cyber security threats are persistent and constantly evolving. A vulnerable website puts a business’s reputation – not to mention its revenue – at risk. In this webcast, Reynold Harbin, VP of Product Management for Neustar, discusses exclusive new IDG research about DNS deployments, the importance of robust DNS security, and the best way to defend against a rising tide of threats.

Copyright Regime vs. Civil Liberties

"The copyright monopoly debate has gotten exactly nowhere since the days of Napster. There's still a copyright industry that insists on control of the net in the name of lost profits. But what does this do to the net? More to the point, why are we letting a literal cartoon industry have any say at all in regulation of our most important pieceof infrastructure? In this presentation, Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish and first Pirate Party, examines how the entire copyright industry position is ared herring, which is (or should be) completely irrelevant to policymaking on net issues. He brings up the concept of AnalogEquivalent Rights, and painfully points out that some of the most crucial civil liberties of our parents are currently not being passedon to our children, because doing so would interfere with profits ofentertainment companies. There's nothing wrong with profit as such. But no entrepreneur should get to dismantle civil liberties just because they can't make moneyotherwise."

"Secure Web Gateway and Cloud Application Control"

"This video demonstrates how Cloud Application Control (CAC) allows businesses to see what cloud apps are being used and what files are being uploaded into them."


Palo Alto Networks

The challenges of SaaS applications such as Office 365, Box or Salesforce are already here whether they are enabled by IT or end users themselves. With the adoption of SaaS, your data is now outside your traditional network perimeter and any changes to how the data is shared, who it is shared with and if it is free of malware is no longer known by your organization. History has shown that organizations often deploy a point product to address these new risks. But, defenses made up of multiple point products that do not integrate leave gaps that may expose your organization to attack.