How to Prioritize and Protect Against Relevant Threats: Context is the Key

Joint webinar featuring ThreatConnect and FireEye iSight Intelligence: “How to Prioritize and Protect Against Relevant Threats: Context is Key”. The webinar covers how to prioritize your team’s response and put your intelligence to use.
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Zero Loss Strategy: A business-critical approach to fighting ransomware

You’ve seen the headlines – organizations with their data held hostage and ransom payments to perpetrators to restore it. Time is of the essence during a ransomware attack. Is your organization prepared? Do all your teams know their roles and responsibilities? Do they have the authority to make immediate decisions?
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Strengthening Industrial Cybersecurity with Internal Segmentation

This session shares recent changes in the ICS cyber threat landscape and introduces EdgeIPS™ Pro, developed by TXOne Networks to provide ICS network segmentation, trust lists, and virtual patch technology to make up the new cybersecurity foundations of your shop floor network.
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Whitehouse-driven Cyber Security Strategy and How it affects your Business

Join Presidio's very own Dan Lohrmann (author of Cyber Mayday and the Day After), and Andy Richter (author of Practical Deployment of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE): Real-World Examples of AAA Deployment) as we discuss the new Whitehouse-driven cyber security strategy and how it affects your business.
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Impact of Your Business Continuity Program on Cyber Resiliency

Business Continuity Awareness Week 2018 - Impact of your business continuity program on Cyber Resiliency. Every division inside IBM has a fully functional Business Continuity program focused on identifying what's critical to IBM's internal operations and making sure these business processes remain operational at time of disaster
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