How To Protect Billions Against Mobile Banking Fraud: Open Your Eyes

Mobile banking and trading are the new killer apps. Firms compete to make their mobile user experience a more cost-efficient and user-friendly version of every account interaction traditionally conducted in a physical branch or on a personal computer. Financial service firms are ultimately responsible for protecting customers from account fraud and theft incurred via their mobile app… even if they have no visibility into the security posture of those devices!
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"This year more than any other, RSA Conference was too big for anyone to truly see all of the event. But we sure tried. This compilation provides an overview of RSA Conference 2014 coverage, from pre-event promotional materials to excerpts of our exclusive interviews and other unique content elem


The Wild West of Secure Mobility


"With smartphones and tablets rapidly replacing desktop computers and wearables and Internet of Things connectivity merging in to the expanding mobile landscape, it's critical that the scope of your security practices move beyond BYOD and the confines of your corporate network. Tune in to our webinar, ""The Wild Wild West of Secure Mobility: How to Holster Up & Win in a Lawless Land,"" for new perspectives about protecting your mobile business as you venture ahead. During this webinar you will learn about: Today's mobility landscape Tips for keeping the bad guys out New frontiers: Cost-effective solutions for today and tomorrow"

"Before the kill chain: What attackers are doing and how you can spot them"

"Attackers can't hide on the Internet—in fact, they leave behind fingerprints in areas you may not realize. Prior to launching an attack, the bad guys need to set up servers, obtain IP addresses, and register domains to use in the campaign. This often happens before they perform reconnaissance on their targets or create the malware payload. All of this activity leaves clues about the attackers. What if you could uncover the infrastructure attackers are staging and identify threats BEFORE the kill chain begins? Join our webcast with Guest Speaker, Forrester Research, Inc. Principal Analyst, Rick Holland and Dan Hubbard, OpenDNS Chief Technology Officer, to hear more about: What attackers do before the kill chain How you can spot their activity How you can leverage this information to stay ahead of attacks "

How Malware Evades Common Prevention Solutions


The continual evolution of cyber threats provides a challenge to accepted security controls and prevention solutions. In this webinar, we examine the question – are the measures you have implemented enough to keep your assets safe? Topics covered include anti-virus and sandbox concepts, and the ease with which they can be bypassed.

Take the first steps towards GDPR compliance

IT Governance

Over the past year, IT Governance’s data protection and information security experts have shared – and continue to share – their understanding of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through green papers, training courses, blogs and webinars in order to encourage organizations to start preparing for compliance with the Regulation, due to come into effect on 25 May 2018. The GDPR creates obligations for businesses that process EU residents’ personal data and allows authorities to impose fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million – whichever is greater – if the organization suffers a data breach.