How to Remain Secure, Protect Data, and Stay Compliant in the Face of End of Life Operating Systems

The ever-changing threat landscape continues to challenge businesses who attempt to protect critical data, improve security posture, and remain compliant. That challenge is intensified when adding the constant risk of operating systems going end of life and pushing endpoints out of compliance against many modern data security laws, regulations, and compliance policies. The risk is too great and businesses can no longer afford to take a passive stance when it comes to maintaining system endpoints and ensuring that vulnerabilities are in check.
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The New Intelligent Edge

AI. 5G. CLOUD. THE WORLD IS DIGITALLY TRANSFORMING. ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW INTELLIGENT EDGE? Learn about the four drivers of digital transformation at the intelligent edge and the key questions that will help architect your success. By 2025, an estimated 41 billion connected devices will be generating some 80 zettabytes of da
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Ask an expert: How to start and advance your cybersecurity career

InfoSec Institute

Ever wish you had a cybersecurity expert on-call to answer your career questions? Here’s your chance! In this open Q&A webinar, Keatron Evans, Infosec instructor and Managing Partner at KM Cyber Security, will answer anything and everything related to getting started in cybersecurity and helping take your career to the next level. Submit your questions before the webinar for your chance to win a year’s subscription to Infosec Skills, our new on-demand training platform. Or simply join us on June 28 at 11 a.m. Central see what’s on the minds of your fellow infosec professionals.
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Strengthening Industrial Cybersecurity with Internal Segmentation

This session shares recent changes in the ICS cyber threat landscape and introduces EdgeIPS™ Pro, developed by TXOne Networks to provide ICS network segmentation, trust lists, and virtual patch technology to make up the new cybersecurity foundations of your shop floor network.
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API Security - Unlock the Secrets

Bank information security

The application programming interface (API) has become the basic building block of business allowing applications and software to talk and share data. APIs are the critical component for exchanging data between all types of entities. In this Webinar we'll break down how APIs are used and unlock the secrets to securing them. Highlights include: API Gateways are API Management tools not security; Providing audits & ensuring proper inspection on each transaction; Equipping every transaction for proper authentication and authorization.
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