How to Stop Cyber Attacks with Intelligence-Led Security Decisions

Over time,your security architecture evolves. Mergers and acquisitions, legacy systems, and the adoption of newer technology leave you with many security gaps and vulnerabilities. Attackers develop custom malware and use advanced tactics that are difficult or even impossible to detect using conventional tools.To implement stronger security, it’s critical to understand your business risks and choose tools that enable quick detection and incident response. BT and FireEye will discuss a security model based on their real-world experience that will help you build a solid security foundation.
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Most businesses are confronting how to fully embrace mobile devices beyond their executive and sales teams. Users are choosing the Android and iPhone experience over the largely business-task-driven BlackBerry devices. They have also adopted application stores in their personal lives, blending activ


Adapting Software Security Assurance for Cloud and Mobile

"Many organizations have been building client-server and web applications for some time, and quite a few have reached a good level of maturity in regards to building security into their SDLC. Yet that traditional model of securing applications can’t fully address the security challenges presented by mobile and cloud infrastructures and the applications built around them. The business benefits of ubiquitous and quick data access (that come with mobile and cloud) are obvious, but the security issues are very real. Join this discussion to find out how internal development and security groups can update their software security assurance processes so that they are embracing AND securing mobile and cloud solutions"

Extend Content & Malware Analysis Beyond ProxySG to Email & Double Your Security


Symantec recently extended Content & Malware Analysis’s advanced threat protection capabilities to Messaging Gateway, Symantec’s on-premises email security solution. With this integration, Content & Malware Analysis adds additional value by bringing threat analysis, blocking, and remediation to the email channel.

Securing the Cloud: Protect Your Applications and Data

"Public and private clouds are getting a big boost as new innovations in network security extend what was once only available in the physical world, to the virtual. With the recent string of targeted attacks it's never been more critical that you build an effective strategy that extends the same levels of security used on your physical network to your virtual network. In this talk, we’ll explore how Palo Alto Networks is reducing the risks associated with the cloud, and talk about some of the organizational strategies you should consider along the way. Join us for this exclusive event where we will discuss how to: •Apply next-generation security to your private, public or hybrid cloud •Segment your network with Zero Trust principles to protect applications and data •Prevent cyber attacks from moving laterally from VM-to-VM"

"HP Cyber Risk Report 2015: The Past is Prologue"


The 2015 edition of the HP Cyber Risk Report, drawn from innovative work by HP Security Research (HPSR), examines the nature of currently active vulnerabilities, how adversaries take advantage of them, and how defenders can prepare for what lies ahead. Jewel Timpe, HPSR’s senior manager of threat research, describes the report’s findings and explains how this intelligence can be used to better allocate security funds and personnel resources for enterprises looking toward tomorrow.