How to Use An Advanced Threat Protection Solution To Keep Your Organization Safe

Learn how you can uncover, prioritize, and remediate today’s most advanced persistent threats across your endpoints, networks, and email – fast! Combine local intelligence with everything Symantec sees globally, so that you can pinpoint and remediate the most critical threats to your organization – all without deploying any new agents. Join our webcast on December 8, 2015, and you will learn how Symantec's Advanced Threat Protection solution is the first solution that can: - Uncover a full range of threats - from persistent threats to zero-day attacks-across your endpoints, network, and email - Prioritize what matters most by correlating local intelligence with everything Symantec sees through its massive global telemetry - Remediate threats quickly from a single console, all without deploying new endpoint agents -Leverage existing agents, which means there is no need to deploy agents on top of Symantec Endpoint Protection or Symantec Email
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AN APPLICATION-CENTRIC APPROACH TO FIREWALL RULE RECERTIFICATION: CHALLENGES AND BENEFITS Firewall rules support applications or processes that require network connectivity to and from specific servers, users and networks. Every year these rules need to be reviewed and recertified as part of ongoing


Top 5 Cybersecurity Misconceptions

Alpine Security

Alpine Security's CEO, Christian Espinosa, will discuss the Top 5 common information security misconceptions and what trends are contributing to our cyber defense ineffectiveness. Christian will also cover actionable solutions for each of the Top 5 problem areas. Topics covered include: Cloud Solutions and Problems. Threats to Small Businesses. Next Gen Firewall Issues. Value of Data from Attacker Perspective. How Egos Get in the Way.

"The Art of Cyber War"


"This very timely and entertaining session will provide you with insight, new tools and new confidence to take on advanced threats and attackers so you can defend and protect your public sector networks."

How Well Prepared Are You For The Next Security Threat?

"Each and every day you face the risk of your network being hacked by the newest zero-day threat. Not long ago, it was the HeartBleed bug and then the IE vulnerability. And, while you’re still working to defend your infrastructure from these two critical threats, the cybercriminal community is working just as hard trying to exploit the weaknesses of your network. So how well are you prepared for the next attack? Florian Malecki, Product Marketing & Solution Director for EMEA at Dell Software discusses the threat landscape and suggests ways that you can take advantage and achieve ongoing protection"

Turn the Tables on Adversaries with Proactive Defense

"As security professionals, defending our organizations can often times seem like a monumental, almost impossible task. Yet, there has never been as much focus, data, or development available to the security industry as there is today. The sharing of tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as threat intelligence in an open and free manner throughout the security community is becoming standard practice, and is key to building a proactive defense posture against today’s adversaries. Join us, where the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence team will examine the latest security trends, including: - Trends across application usage and the threat landscape, including regional and industry-specific variances - Ways to reduce the attack surface available to an adversary - Potential effects of non-standard network activity - Reuse of legacy attack tactics - Benefits of open threat intelligence sharing"