How Well Prepared Are You For The Next Security Threat?

"Each and every day you face the risk of your network being hacked by the newest zero-day threat. Not long ago, it was the HeartBleed bug and then the IE vulnerability. And, while you’re still working to defend your infrastructure from these two critical threats, the cybercriminal community is working just as hard trying to exploit the weaknesses of your network. So how well are you prepared for the next attack?

Florian Malecki, Product Marketing & Solution Director for EMEA at Dell Software discusses the threat landscape and suggests ways that you can take advantage and achieve ongoing protection"
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Building a better risk management program takes less time than you might think. All you need to do is establish an effective process for identifying, remediating, and tracking risks to assets. With those basic elements place, you can adopt increasingly advanced techniques at a pace that makes sense


An Ethical Hacker’s Casebook: Tips to Protect Your Organisation

We spend millions every year on security products, but still we get hacked, have our critical intellectual property stolen, and suffer public embarrassment and loss of revenue. Pete will demonstrate how some fundamental issues continue to leave organisations vulnerable, using real case studies to illustrate the information security risks to your business. Using the same models that criminals use, he will illustrate how to minimise your vulnerabilities using pragmatic, people-focused solutions

When Prevention Fails...

"When prevention fails, your only hope is detection. Security defense plans are relying on detection and response knowing preventive defenses are declining in effectiveness. The balance between preventive and detective defenses is the big security shift for 2015, and knowing the process cycles, skills and technologies is vital for success. Detection and response is more than a point solution, learn the four phases for detection on your network in this webcast. - Four detection phases for your network - Integrating key technologies required for detection - Processes to mine big data for actionable intelligence - Detection skills sets, costs and resource requirements - Analyzing all the data all the time, options for success"

Modern Malware and the need for Remediation Innovation

Malware today is very different from just a few years ago. Traditional AV technology is no longer able to consistently and fully remediate or defend against today’s most advanced threats. New and emerging threats such as ransomware, social engineering driven attacks and micro variant financial threats are just some examples of difficult to remediate infections. This presentation will take a look at the malware landscape and explain why these tactics are so effective against traditional AV technology. We will examine three specific families of infections and highlight their tactics to evade detection and what issues occur with remediation. Lastly, we will talk about Webroot’s innovation and how our SecureAnywhere AV solution is capable of defending against, and remediating today’s most advanced threats.

Orchestrate Your Security Defenses with Threat Intelligence

Security Intelligence

Although the majority of organizations subscribe to threat intelligence feeds to enhance their security decision making, it’s difficult to take full advantage of true insights due to the overwhelming amounts of information available. Even with an integrated security operations portfolio to identify and respond to threats, many companies don’t take full advantage of the benefits of external context that threat intelligence brings to identify true indicators of compromise. By taking advantage of both machine- and human-generated indicators within a collaborative threat intelligence platform, security analysts can streamline investigations and speed the time to action.