IFAC TAG Webinar on Cyber Security

In today’s digital age, many people have at some point wondered whether their online accounts have been compromised or have been part of a large data breach. Like a lot of the issues that make the news on a regular basis, we can become desensitized to cyber risks, but it is imperative, especially for organizations of all sizes, to be vigilant and educate their employees and stakeholders on proper protocols and procedures for minimizing risk. Accounting professionals are in a unique position to address cybersecurity.
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Becoming a Threat Hunter in Your Enterprise


For years, most IT security organizations have waited to detect new threats and then moved swiftly to defend against them. Today, however, there is a new wave of “threat hunting,” in which the security team takes a more proactive approach --seeking out potential threats before the attackers have a chance to act. How do enterprises build threat hunting programs? How do they staff them, and what tools do they need? What skills and training does a great threat hunter need? In this Dark Reading webinar, a top expert discusses the process for building a threat hunting program, and for optimizing the efforts of designated threat hunters in the organization.
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3 Steps to Combat Ransomware in K-12 and Public Sector

The recent cyber attack on Los Angeles Unified School District is not unique. Public schools and universities are targets for ransomware, that can cripple your infrastructure and expose sensitive data. Not having proper security is a risk you can’t afford. But with tight budgets and limited personnel, finding the right security can be an uphill battle.
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RSA 2018 - What’s Hot in the Cyber Security Space

Security Boulevard

Love it or hate, the annual RSA Conference (RSAC) in San Francisco is the largest cyber security conference in world. It is where the world comes to talk and learn security. Inevitably every year at RSAC there are some technologies that become the industry buzzwords and hot buttons. These generally stay on top of mind in the security industry for the rest of the year and beyond. In past years topics like cloud security, NAC, machine learning, threat analysis and more have launched entire ecosystems coming out of RSAC.
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The Key Privileged Access and Security Implications of Granting Third-Party Vendor Access


Several different remote access solutions are built into Microsoft Windows to extend third-party vendors access to your systems. In this webinar, Windows and IT security expert Russell Smith weighs in on the pros and cons of using virtual private networks (VPNs), Workplace Join, Remote Desktop Services, and Web Application Proxy to provide third-party remote access.
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