Improve Network Security Using a Wired and Wireless Portable Tool

Network security is on the top of every network administrator’s mind. While firewalls and intrusion detection devices do a good job of blocking threats from the outside, it is necessary to have a tool that can easily be moved around the network. Such a tool can be used to monitor the conversations to and from a device, as well as monitoring the wireless network.That is where the OptiView XG comes in. Join us for this webinar introducing this single, self-contained tablet, that provides the ability to monitor both wired and wireless networks, analyze the traffic, and provide visibility into potential threats. The OptiView XG has integrated tools and runs the Windows operating system, allowing additional security tools to be loaded.
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Context-Based Network Segmentation - Pulse Policy Secure

"I am not a number! And neither are the various users and user communities active on your network. Traditional firewalls make access control decisions by the numbers - source IP address, destination IP address, and port numbers. Pulse Policy Secure adds context to those decisions, enabling your firewall to incorporate user identity and role, device platform and health, location, behavior, and beyond into everyday access control. Context-based network segmentation enables a wide variety of enterprise security scenarios, from secure mobility to guest access to compliance. Come learn how Policy Secure enables intelligent deperimeterization!"

Crisis Communication After an Attack

FireEye, Inc.

Crisis Communication After an Attack Are you prepared? It’s headline news. Cyber attackers are increasingly more sophisticated and data breaches are becoming common place. Some say “it’s not a question of if you’ll be breached, but when”. You need a plan. Even the most security-conscious organizations are not prepared for the necessary actions needed to gain control after a cyberattack. Preparing an emergency response communication plan keeps stakeholders informed following a breach.

Sneak Peek: CyberSec First Responder

In the case of cyber attacks, it's no longer a question of if, but when. CyberSec First Responder: Threat Detection and Response is a new offering from Logical Operations focused on strengthening an organization's security capabilities. While many courses in today's market focus on specific security strategies, CyberSec First Responder takes a holistic approach to securing an organization's network and building the robust skillset needed by today's security professional.Attend this webinar to learn:Why security training matters. The state of security training today.The need for a paradigm shift.A holistic approach to security training with CyberSec First Responder.How CyberSec First Responder compares to other certifications.

ManageEngine IT Security Webinar Series

Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions have entered the market to provide security intelligence and automate managing terabytes of log data for IT security. SIEM solutions monitor network systems, devices, and applications in real time, providing security intelligence for IT professionals to mitigate threats, correlate events, identify the root cause of security incidents, and meet compliance requirements.Most organizations think that SIEM solutions have a steep learning curve and are expensive, complex, and hard to deploy. This claim may be true about many SIEM vendors. However, the right SIEM solution is one that can be easily deployed, is cost-effective, and meets all your IT security needs with a single tool.At this webinar you'll learn how to:Choose an SIEM solution,Monitor user activity to curb insider threat,Proactively mitigate sophisticated cyber-attacks,Meet IT Compliance Requirements.