Industrial Cyber Security


Critical infrastructure industries are increasingly becoming prime targets for hackers. With serious consequences such as major environmental events and catastrophic loss of life at stake, securing these networks is absolutely key.  Check out the Fortinet and Nozomi Networks webinar on Industrial Cyber Security to learn about: The latest trends and statistics on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Threats targeting your networks and how to mitigate them Fortinet's specialized series of rugged security hardware, engineered specifically for challenging environments.
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Social Services organizations are on the front-line of government efforts to deliver better outcomes to citizens with limited resources.


Stay Secure During the Holiday Season

"On Cyber Monday, your organization’s employees will return from the Thanksgiving weekend, ready to kick off the online holiday shopping season – from their desks and devices. Last year over 500+ million identities were exposed via breaches. And with malware and phishing also in the news, join us to find out how you can protect not only your business but your employees’ personal information as they shop-from-work during the season. Learn more about the proactive steps you can do for protection including: · How you are the first line of defense when it comes to protection – password management and user access · When and how data should be encrypted · How to fight social engineered exploits: malicious web sites, malicious look-alike mobile apps and deceptive emails "
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Cost of SIEM

"The cost of cyber crime continues to increase and the ability to detect infections, open exploitable vulnerabilities and security risks can reduce the costs for incidents or a data breach. There is no such thing as a secure network is a perspective we face each day and detection defenses are a requirement. Attend to learn the following about the costs of detective defenses including SIEM: - What are the cost trends for security incidents & breaches? - What are the largest costs for detective defenses? - What response activity consumes the most resources? - What can reduce the cost of detection and containment? - How to build a case for detective defenses on your network."
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How do you REALLY Know if Your DDoS Protection Solution will stop a DDoS Attack?

So you’ve purchased a DDoS protection solution. You’ve installed it according to the vendor’s recommendations. Sigh of relief…you’re feeling more secure already. But there’s a nagging thought in the back of your mind …“How do I REALLY know if my DDoS protection solution will stop a complex DDoS attack?” The answer is certainly NOT "wait and see." The best practice is to simulate the attack vectors of a real DDoS attack as accurately as you possibly can, to put your technology and process to the test - before a real attack occurs. Join Arbor Networks, the leader in DDoS attack protection products and services and Security Compass, a leading DDoS attack simulation and security consulting company – to see how you can use DDoS attack simulation to test the various layers of your DDoS protection solution. This webcast will cover: - A variety of DDoS attack types simulated to show you how they impact a network - What patterns and information you should expect from a mitigation device in action - How to convert your learnings into actionable guidance for your DDoS attack response plan
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"Security Monitoring Challenges in the Age of Advanced Threats "

Last year we spoke about enterprise perceptions towards advanced persistent threats, or as 451 Research terms them adaptive persistent threats. The acknowledgement that there are threat classes that can not be rebuffed by preventative security controls has led to a refocus on security monitoring for many enterprise heads of information security, but the approach is not without its challenges, including notably complexity and manpower. Join Dan Kennedy, Research Director for Information Security at 451 Research to review portions of two end user studies on enterprise perception towards major security monitoring platforms: SIEM and IDS/IPS. The presentation will draw on results of over two thousand surveys conducted with enterprise information security managers.
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