Information Security Metrics

There are ways in which you can measure the return on the investment that is a solid information security program and show how information security adds business value. This presentation discusses a standards approach to developing security metrics from measuring key operational and business processes within an organization.
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Cyberthreats don't just come from the Internet. Some of the most serious risks originate within your own office. An effective cybersecurity plan needs to address risks wherever they occur. Watch this video to learn about the cybersecurity ecosystem and how understanding it can help you protect y


Uncovering Security Performance Myths & Realities

"Organizations have long struggled to find objective ways to measure and compare performance, leaving many executives to trust metrics and data points that may not be painting the clearest picture of security posture. To highlight this issue, BitSight recently surveyed over 300 IT executives in 4 major industries to assess their confidence in their security performance. We then compared responses to our own security ratings data, which measures effectiveness across key performance areas including security events, configurations, and user behaviors. In this webinar, BitSight EVP of Sales & Marketing Tom Turner takes a deeper look into these fidings and discusses the business implications of optimism bias. "

Protection Capabilities to Consider While Preparing for Advanced Malware

"We learned a few things about advanced malware in 2013. Namely, zero-day and targeted attacks continued to evade more traditional protection methods. And while many organizations are stepping up detection efforts, there’s still more that can and should be done. So what will 2014 bring? Join McAfee and featured analyst firm Gartner for an in-depth look at what advanced threats are on the horizon for 2014 and what you can do to improve your security posture. Our conversation will cover: Threat predictions for 2014 and beyond Key capabilities to consider in your detection and protection arsenal Planning for a successful advanced malware protection strategy"

"Strategies for Streamlining Cloud App Access and Security"

"How do you manage user identities and cloud app access in real-time, while keeping sensitive data secure? Join experts from Imperva and Centrify as they share best practices on enabling the safe and productive use of cloud apps. • Provide secure single sign-on and user-friendly multi-factor authentication (MFA) • Secure and monitor SaaS access from login to logout • Detect and block cyber threats such as account takeovers • Simplify, centralize, and automate access management – across apps and devices • Leverage leading security offerings and what you need to consider"

"Prevent attack with comprehensive vulnerability management"

Now you can get continuous, automated detection and protection against any vulnerability, anytime, with the next generation of Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM). Join us for this webcast to watch a live demonstration of the comprehensive VM solution from Qualys.