Integrated Cyber Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting and Response With IBM i2, QRadar and Resilient

Security Intelligence

With the rise of advanced threats, the SOC is faced with the growing challenge of adversaries skilled at evading detection. In addition, analysts are overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of data, and they often struggle to find the signal in the noise. Discover how IBM i2, QRadar and Resilient provide an integrated solution that helps analysts turn overwhelming and disparate data into actionable intelligence for threat hunting and incident response. This webinar will examine the role of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) in the next-generation SOC and explain how IBM fits in to the threat hunting and incident response processes of the SOC.
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With the exploding use of mobile devices and BYOD, mobile apps represent a major new threat. This infographic reveals some surprising facts about malicious mobile apps, including where they come from, what they do and what other IT pros are thinking about them.


WildFire – Closing the Loop on Advanced Cyberattacks

"Cyberattacks are frequenting the headline news, highlighting the increased sophistication, persistence, and evasiveness of attack methods, and the deepening impact to businesses and their most valuable assets. Advanced threats are the motivation behind the development of our enterprise security platform - a new breed of network security to detect and defend against known and unknown threats. View this on-Demand webcast and learn how you can inform your cybersecurity strategy and better protect your network. See a snapshot of changes in the attack lifecycle and real threat data from 2,400+ networks contributing to the WildFire™ intelligence cloud. You will also learn how WildFire applies a closed-loop approach to cybersecurity: detecting and preventing unknown threats across all common file types, including Android APKs, irrespective of port, protocol or encryption"

API Security Best Practices

APIs have become a strategic necessity for your business because they facilitate agility and innovation. However, the financial incentive associated with this agility is often tempered with the fear of undue exposure of the valuable information that these APIs expose. We will explore in depth the main security concerns API providers and consumers need to consider and how to mitigate them

Cybersecurity in Education and Training

National Cybersecurity Institute

In chapter seven of, “Protecting Our Future: Educating A Cybersecurity Workforce” published in 2013 by Hudson Whitman/ Excelsior College Press, entitled, “Cybersecurity in Education and Training,” a tour-d-force was presented covering comprehensively from workforce definition to development, from global to local, from theoretical education to hands-on-training, from government to private sector roles and responsibilities the ever changing landscape of this dynamic and critical field.

The State of Application Security: Hackers On Steroids


Organizations of all sizes face a universal security threat from today’s organized hacking industry. Why? Hackers have decreased costs and expanded their reach with tools and technologies that allow for automated attacks against Web applications. This webinar will detail key insights from the Imperva Application Defense Center annual Web Application Attack Report. Attend this webinar for an in-depth view of the threat landscape for the year. We will:Discuss hacking trends and shifts, Provide breach analysis by geography, industry and attack type, Detail next steps for improved security controls and risk management processes.