Introducing CDL - The Cybersecurity Data Lake

An introduction to CDL, the world's first managed on-premise and cloud cybersecurity data lake. Developed with Intel and leading data center, cloud and security vendors, CDL is designed to democratize security analytics at scale, unlock the potential of today’s siloed security solutions.
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Kaspersky’s Cybersecurity portfolio for business reflects the security demands of today’s businesses, responding to the needs of organizations at different levels of maturity with a step-by-step approach.


Exploring the Data Protection Toolbox

"Get a handle on the tools you’ll need to simplify data protection management (DPM). DPM tools in general provide a wide range of capabilities tied to protecting your data. These functions range from insight and awareness, coverage and compliance, monitoring, status, reporting and analysis, as well as backup/restore, replication, snapshot, and data footprint reduction (DFR). Watch our recorded session where we’ll look at what tools are available, as well as when to use them. •Select data protection management tools that help solve your toughest data protection challenges •Determine what is being protected, whether or not the protection is working, and how much coverage you need •Identify the relationship between reporting, analysis, planning and notification •And much more"

Network Security: Securing the ever expanding boundary

"As superfast connectivity becomes widely available, it will increase both data volume and velocity as well as new business opportunities. However, this dramatic leap forward will also result in new and potentially destructive activity online, which can affect an organisation’s defences both internally and within their supply chain. It has never been more important for businesses to assess and understand their critical infrastructure in an increasingly connected environment. During this webinar Steve Durbin, Managing Director of ISF Ltd, will discuss how businesses can update their resilience along with examining the role in securing the network boundary that investments in technology and third party provider programmes can play. This will necessarily include an assessment of cloud-based systems and the use of robust risk assessment methodologies."

Stop Cyber Attacks Where They Start: How to Fortify Your Endpoint Security

"Traditional endpoint solutions were designed to deal with static, known threats. They accumulate large threat databases and signatures and when matches are found the threat is blocked. This approach simply does not work against today’s advanced and unknown attacks. And while organizations must protect every single endpoint, both traditional and mobile, an attacker only needs to compromise one to cause damage. Register now for this webinar where you will: • Learn why protecting the multitude of endpoints is an on-going challenge • Find out the importance behind detection and containment on all types of endpoints from PC to mobile • Hear how FireEye offerings can help proactively protect against unknown threats on the endpoint"

Strengthen Your Human Firewall with Social Engineering Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Tests


Social engineering is the number one security threat to any organization, making your employees the weakest link in your IT security. Learn how the TracePhishing Simulator: Strengthens your organization's human firewall by leveraging TraceSecurity's best-practice methodology.