Introduction to Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes is fundamentally a complex system with lots of different potential attack vectors aimed at data theft, currency mining and other threats. Liz Rice, a renowned technology evangelist, will take us through an overview of the current state of security-related features in Kubernetes, and offer directional starting points on how to secure Kubernetes components and the applications that run on top of these Kubernetes components. Brice Fernandes, software engineer and entrepreneur at Weaveworks, will then demonstrate how you can build a secure and reliable Kubernetes deployment pipeline with GitOps best practices, separating the responsibility between packaging software and releasing it to a production environment.
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Unlock Your AppSec Future: Web App Security without Tradeoffs

We see you, exhausted security professionals. Web attack surfaces are growing unchecked, but your teams aren’t. You don’t even have your apps mapped, much less scanned regularly. The apps you do test have more vulnerabilities than you can remediate — how do you prioritize?
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Everyone Loves Donuts, Especially Hackers


Donuts are just one of many ruses X-Force Red has up its sleeve. Tune into X-Force Red’s webinar on January 29 at 11am ET, to hear more real hacker stories. Find out how X-Force Red hackers have broken into companies worldwide, which tricks have worked and not worked, tools they have used, and what your company should do.
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Learning at the Speed of Business

Join Ian Stevens, North America L&D Lead at Publicis Sapient will share his team's successful learning programs that prepared Sapient's consultants to be leaders in digital transformation. Watch now to walk away with: A proven "push-pull" blended learning program How to tie learning with hiring & staffing priorities to motivate
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Bridging the gap between on-prem and AWS security


As more organizations use a combination of their on-premises network and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver services and applications, they are struggling to ensure their workloads are secure and compliant. More importantly, they need a way to satisfy these requirements in an efficient, cloud-native way to ensure security is effective.
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