Introduction to Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes is fundamentally a complex system with lots of different potential attack vectors aimed at data theft, currency mining and other threats. Liz Rice, a renowned technology evangelist, will take us through an overview of the current state of security-related features in Kubernetes, and offer directional starting points on how to secure Kubernetes components and the applications that run on top of these Kubernetes components. Brice Fernandes, software engineer and entrepreneur at Weaveworks, will then demonstrate how you can build a secure and reliable Kubernetes deployment pipeline with GitOps best practices, separating the responsibility between packaging software and releasing it to a production environment.
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This paper describes the Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure and Operations (MCIO) Information Security Management System (ISMS) program and some of the processes and benefits realized from operating this model. It includes an overview of the key certifications and attestations Microsoft maintains to dem


ATT&CK Deep Dive: Lateral Movement

Carbon Black

Join Red Canary, Carbon Black, and MITRE ATT&CK™ for a deep dive into lateral movement detection. This hands-on webinar will demonstrate how applying lateral movement detection tactics and techniques can help you find higher level actors in your environment and improve the efficacy of your security program.

Stop Living in the Past: A New Approach to Application Security


Information security has not kept pace with the new reality of a software-driven world. Traditional defenses are proving inadequate in this environment. We’ll discuss how organizations should evolve their security strategies as users and applications become the risk focal point.

Planning your 2015 Threat Detection Strategy with a Broken Crystal Ball

"If you made it through 2014 without suffering a significant breach, you can consider yourself fortunate. After a year filled with new exploits & high profile breaches, it's time to look back at what we learned and look ahead to the trends that will surely have an impact in 2015. Join Mike Rothman, President of Security Analyst firm Securosis, and Patrick Bedwell, VP of Product Marketing for AlienVault, for an entertaining overview of key trends you should consider as you plan for 2015. In this session, Mike and Patrick will cover: Trends in the threat landscape that will bring new infosec challenges How those challenges will affect your network security strategy A 2015 ""shopping list"" of core technologies you should consider to secure your environment in 2015"

The State of Cybercrime Today: Threats and Solutions


Cybercrime continues to grow in scope and scale, with losses to consumers and businesses across numerous sectors in many countries. Attendees will learn: The top trends in Cybercrime today & how they are manifesting themselves in different market sectors Where cybercrime is coming from The business impact of cybercrime and the primary concerns Why these criminals are so successful What is wrong with various aspects of security today (people, process, technology, etc.) Effective solutions to combat cybercrime.