Key Insights Into Today's Risk Management Landscape

Today, cyber risk management affects organizations of all sizes across all industries. With data breaches on the rise and sensitive client information increasingly at risk, businesses need to elevate their existing risk management strategies to become more comprehensive. To proactively mitigate risk, organizations need to create a lasting risk management program that can scale with the growth of their business and sustain the changing risk landscape.
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Your Code Isn’t Static Your Processes Shouldn’t be Either

The only thing constant is change, and change requires oversight and very possibly an overhaul of your processes to support any shifts. The open source world is not exempt. Net, your code isn't static so your processes shouldn't be either. What open source management processes should be in your team's eyeline? How does change im
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The Role of Human Error in Information Security


It has become an established fact that the human factor is the most important element to secure in any organization if security is to be maintained. This case study will take real-life examples (with no names used!) and examine some actual security incidents caused by human error and elaborate on the root cause and prevention tips resulting from these events.
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California Consumer Privacy Act: Are You Prepared for 2020?

InfoSec Institute

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which gives residents more control over the use of their data and regulators increased powers to punish organizations, goes into effect on January 1, 2020. With California recently becoming the fifth largest economy in the world, the CPPA is expected to have wide-reaching impact.
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Solving for Compliance and Zero Trust with Istio Ambient Mesh

Istio ambient mesh uses a sidecar-less data plane that focuses on ease of operations, incremental adoption, and separation of security boundaries for applications and mesh infrastructure.
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