Learn the Security and Privacy Best Practices to Manage the New California Privacy Regulations

Data security is moving to the top of the executive agenda, with companies paying more attention to what data they have, and how to protect it.  Organizations are rolling out more access controls and upgrading their monitoring and assessment capabilities to best manage new regulations on the horizon. California’s passing of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CaCPA) on June 28 and adoption of a set of amendments to the law in September has proven to be a strong catalyst for a new focus on data security.
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Catch the Intruder in his Tracks - Advanced Threat Hunting


The threat landscape has evolved significantly over the past twenty plus years, this webinar will highlight these changes and reveal how threats have advanced. The latest security paradigm for the endpoint detection and response will be brought to light and the implications for organisations debated.
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Cybersecurity: Prime and Subcontractor Responsibilities

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It’s no longer a question of if your cybersecurity will be compromised, but when. Government contractors—both prime contractors and their subcontractors—must understand the federal cybersecurity landscape to ensure compliance with its numerous (and sometimes confusing) requirements.
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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Why Cyber-Physical Convergence Really Matters

Security leaders have been discussing the convergence of cybersecurity and physical security for years. But what does it really mean and why does it matter? In this session we’ll discuss: The evolution of converged security Cyber-physical security convergence vs. security convergence Preparing for, and protecting against, cyber-
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Mitigating DDoS Attacks and Malware Spread

Modern malware, ransomware, and DDoS attacks have become a big issue for organizations of any size. Zero Trust strategies, in addition to application and DDoS protection, are a way to help deal with these issues. Most internet traffic is encrypted today, threat actors are using encryption to hide their attacks. Organizations must rely on TLS/SSL decryption and inspection to protect their users and networks. This is key to employing a strong Zero Trust strategy. We will explore these concepts in this research backed webinar.
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