Live Broadcast: Be Empowered to Threat Hunt in 2019

New research from Carbon Black shows that cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, as nation state actors and crime syndicates continue to leverage fileless attacks, lateral movement, island hopping and counter incident response in an effort to remain undetected. This issue is compounded by resources and budgeting. Not only is there a major talent deficit in cybersecurity, there is also a major spending delta. What’s more, according to Carbon Black’s research, businesses are largely unaware about the scale, scope, and sophistication of modern attacks.
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How to Implement a Cybersecurity-first Culture for the Modern Workplace

The shift to the remote and hybrid workplace has presented new opportunities to hackers as they look to exploit weaknesses brought about by unfamiliar work practices, multiple and BYOD devices, and most importantly the busy day-to-day lives of our employees. According to email statistics, the average person receives over 100 emails per day (Earthweb), and with human error the cause of 85% of cyber security breaches (IBM) you can see why email is the number one threat vector.
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Bridging the gap between on-prem and AWS security


As more organizations use a combination of their on-premises network and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver services and applications, they are struggling to ensure their workloads are secure and compliant. More importantly, they need a way to satisfy these requirements in an efficient, cloud-native way to ensure security is effective.
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Analyst Roundtable: How Exposure Management Helps You Gain Visibility, Prevent Attacks, and Communicate Risk for Better Decision Making

Tenable’s Bill Olson and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Jess Burn discuss ways you can leverage cyber risk intelligence to increase and drive better business outcomes. Preventing cyber attacks requires full visibility into all your assets and exposures, predictive threat context, and objective metrics for measuring and
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Best Practices for Assessing Cyber Vulnerabilities


Today, every organization faces vulnerability overload. In 2018 alone, Tenable Research estimated nearly 19,000 new vulnerabilities would be disclosed. There are just too many to discover, assess and effectively mitigate. Reducing vulnerability overload means focusing like a laser on vulnerabilities most likely to impact your business right now. To learn how you can address this challenge, join Bill Olson, Technical Director with Tenable, for an on-demand webinar exploring best practices you can adopt to overcome vulnerability overload and better protect your business from cyber risk.
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