Making the business case for proactive cyber security


Organizations of all sizes are faced with ever-increasing cyber threats and changing regulations, yet how do you make the business case to justify a proactive approach? In this webinar, we will cover: The drivers for a managed security approach. Review of options for managing cyber security How do you evaluate which solution is the best fit for you? Making the business case – how to calculate your approximate risk costs to determine appropriate level of budget.
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Here are some tips and best practices for improving your computer's security both online and offline. How to make sure your accounts are safe even if someone hacks into the website's database.


"The Value of Adopting and Improving Security Maturity Models"

Security maturity models can take a variety of forms; they can be embedded on-premises or delivered as a managed third-party service. As such modeling has advanced over the past decade, the need for improved detection and mitigation of attacks has extended well beyond large businesses. A burgeoning underground populated by sophisticated data thieves, state-sponsored hacking collectives, and ideologically motivated hacktivists, is engaged in the systematic plundering and disruption of IT operations at companies of all sizes. This webcast will outline the drivers behind this imperative, summarize the robust approaches security vendors are adopting, and lay out a roadmap for shoring up the security postures of organizations, whatever their size.

"Featuring Forrester Research: Is Your Network Ready for Next-Gen Secure Access?"

"The reality for today’s IT administrators has shifted from a world of IT-controlled datacenters and endpoints to a hybrid of BYOD mobility, cloud services, and datacenter applications. While basic VPN solutions provide simple connectivity to the datacenter, Next Generation Secure Access is needed to help IT oversee and control a hybrid world that delivers a seamless enterprise user experience to workers with the latest apps and services. Join guest speaker Tyler Shields, Principal Analyst – Forrester Research, and Kevin Sapp, VP of Strategy – Pulse Secure, for a 60-minute webinar where you will learn about: 1. The changing landscape of secure access and why you need to reevaluate your current access needs 2. The gap between basic VPN and Next Generation Secure Access 3. How you can bridge the gap and implement Next Generation Secure Access tools and solutions into your network "

Facing up to Mobile Security Challenges


Whether it is iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you can enable employees to be more productive and work flexibly on the go by supporting the smartphones, tablets and business applications they use on a daily basis.

The Second Coming of Ransomware - Insights into New Developments

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We are excited to bring you an updated version of our hugely popular webinar, "Petya, notPetya or Goldeneye - The Lies, the Truth and What's Coming Next". Traditional ransomware, for the want of a better word, is boring and truthfully a fairly opportunistic way to make money.