Malware Defenses for 2014 and Beyond

"Why This Session is Important to You:

State and local governments are prime targets for attack. Facing millions of malware variants, and more coming daily, state and local government security teams must not only invest in dedicated anti-malware products, but also leverage every tool in their arsenal capable of helping combat the problem. This session will explore:

What's driving malware proliferation?

Strategies for building effective, long-term malware defenses.

Extending existing malware defenses with next-generation capabilities"
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With the continuous emergence of new cybersecurity threats, organizations across all industries are striving to modernize their defenses and bolster cyber resiliency. One of the leading research firms Cybersecurity Ventures forecasts that cyber crime damage will cost the world $6 trillion annually b


"Stopping Attacks Before They Stop Business"

"Privileged accounts have been leveraged in every recent breach, and are an area of focus for internal audit, external compliance regulations and cyber attack.(ISC)² and CyberArk presents a webinar focused on mitigating risk while meeting audit requirements and increasing operational efficiencies. We will be discussing best practices for a successful privileged account security program based on experience gained over hundreds of deployments, some immediately post breach."

The 3 Most Important Aspects of Perimeter Security and Identity

"As application access from within the corporate network give way to more fragmented apps in the cloud, with access via mobile devices, your traditional security perimeter of firewall, VPN, and LAN requires a new model where identity protects beyond the security perimeter. Join David McNeely, Vice President of Strategy for Centrify and Koroush Saraf - Senior Director, Product Management at Fortinet for this live, interactive presentation and demonstration in which you'll learn how you can: • Centrally manage access to on-site and cloud apps • Secure and manage macs and mobile devices from AD • Provide single sign-on to all apps and devices • Secure access to enterprise wired and wireless networks • Leverage security policy tied to AD groups and roles "

Get Smart About Ransomware: Protect Yourself and Your Organization

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What would you do if your organization's data was held ransom, and the only way to get it back was to pay someone $17,000? That's exactly what Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center did earlier this year. Ransomware is a type of malicious software restricting access to a victim’s infected computer, demanding the victim pay money to get that access back. While the average ransom is only a few hundred dollars for individuals, hackers are beginning to target large organizations and demanding much larger sums of money. Do you think you're doing enough to protect yourself against ransomware threats?

Information Security Exposures: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Security


MGI Worldwide members from across the globe took part in our latest webinar on July 24th, hosted by Founding Partner, Producer and Vice-President Stephen Vono of McGowanPRO. Titled 'Information Security Exposures: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Security’ the webinar was geared towards all levels of staff, with the aim of helping everyone gain a better understanding of information security threats, their exposures, and important steps that need to be taken to address this issue. The webinar focused on the importance of establishing a culture of client information security for all firms. Stephen also discussed the risks relating to information exposure, as well as the policies and procedures needed to prevent this for information security best practice.