Managing Distributed Networks Securely Through the Cloud

"Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage secure networks at geographically distributed stores, branch locations, and on the road with Cradlepoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager. This innovative cloud platform is the next generation management and application platform that helps you improve productivity, increase security and network reliability, and reduce costs; all while enhancing the intelligence of your network and business operations.

The webinar is a cloud presentation and live product demonstration.

Attendees will learn how to:
•Set up and configure groups of devices for “zero-touch” installation and continuous remote management.
•Troubleshoot their network, limit truck rolls, and reduce downtime
•Perform remote diagnostics – status reports, error logs, and alerts
•Easily upgrade firmware on multiple routers at once
•Use next generation Out-of-Band Management through the cloud
•Implement best-in-breed security applications from the cloud"
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Asahi Glass (AGC) is a prominent global manufacturer of glass and it boasts overall sales of approximately 1.35 trillion yen (full year 2014). Their challenges are moving mission-critical systems into the cloud, the customer required enhanced security for systems running on AWS, in order to promote


"Featuring Forrester Research: Is Your Network Ready for Next-Gen Secure Access?"

"The reality for today’s IT administrators has shifted from a world of IT-controlled datacenters and endpoints to a hybrid of BYOD mobility, cloud services, and datacenter applications. While basic VPN solutions provide simple connectivity to the datacenter, Next Generation Secure Access is needed to help IT oversee and control a hybrid world that delivers a seamless enterprise user experience to workers with the latest apps and services. Join guest speaker Tyler Shields, Principal Analyst – Forrester Research, and Kevin Sapp, VP of Strategy – Pulse Secure, for a 60-minute webinar where you will learn about: 1. The changing landscape of secure access and why you need to reevaluate your current access needs 2. The gap between basic VPN and Next Generation Secure Access 3. How you can bridge the gap and implement Next Generation Secure Access tools and solutions into your network "

7 habits of highly *ineffective* Big Data security

"It’s an inconvenient truth that proven and well-understood data security methods were designed to work with relational database management systems. Over the decades, certain habits became second nature to security-minded IT professionals. But many of these habits are now fundamentally incompatible with Big Data/NoSQL environments. This presentation will walk you through the data security implications of key differences between NoSQL and relational databases. You’ll leave the session knowing: signs that Big Data/NoSQL may be coming to your organization 7 security habits that expose Big Data to a breach...or cause major delays/rework how early adopters are making new security habits in the era of Big Data "

Threat Intelligence, Cover Your Bases!


As an analyst, you are pulled in many different directions depending on the urgency of the moment. You can go from detecting threats, to formulating a response plan, to blocking real-time cyber-attacks in the blink of an eye, and that doesn’t even include staying on top of the dynamic threat landscape. In the fast evolving world of threat intelligence, actionable data is crucial – and this means a lot more than just threat feeds! Join us on September 19th to hear first-hand from threat intelligence subject matter experts Nick Rossmann and Christian Falco how IBM’s curation and dissemination of threat intelligence can help you research, collaborate and act to protect your organizations.

"CA Part 3: Breaches: Why They Often Succeed & How to Avoid Being the Next Victim"

Over a billion records were breached last year in online cyber-attacks. Even though the details of these breaches may differ, they often have the same root cause – inadequate control of privileged user accounts and their actions in increasingly complex hybrid environments. Join CA Technologies and (ISC) as we examine some of the most notorious breaches and the steps that attackers took to take control of these accounts. You will also learn how Privileged Access Management (PAM) can help prevent successful attacks and protect critical corporate and customer information