Managing the Insider Threat—Why Visibility Is Critical

Only with full visibility into employee or third-party activity across a company network can even the earliest indicators of an insider threat be detected. By monitoring both user and file activity, security and compliance professionals can be alerted to risky, out-of-policy activities and any unexplained changes in user behavior in real-time; successfully stopping and investigating any activity before it becomes a full-blown breach. Research from The Ponemon Institute shows that Financial Services organizations face the highest penalty costs of any other industry ($12.05 million annually) when they experience an insider-led incident, though they are closely followed by the Energy & Utilities and Retail sector. This cost alone is a very concrete reason to address what otherwise might seem to be an invisible problem.
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5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security


On Thursday 7th March at 1pm we'll be collaborating with NCSC for a second time to explore the 5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security. The first webinar of this series focused on the threats charities face from cyber attacks and the effect this could have on their organisation. In this session, we’ll look at the simple, free or low cost steps every charity should be taking to protect themselves online.
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On-demand Webinar: IoT and Cybersecurity

Use your next 30 minutes to update you on IoT and Cybersecurity. During this on-demand webinar we are going to talk about Cyber security threats and challenges towards global or regional regulatory alignment? Standards and certifications Nemko Cyber Security Assurance services The schemes Key factors for the manufacturer to cover Common Criteria
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Practical Viewpoints: Global IT Security Compliance in 2022

Do you need to stay up to date regarding ever-evolving IT compliance mandates? Would you like to learn best practices for approaching IT security compliance? This virtual fireside chat will help you get on the right path.
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Navigating the Modern Security Landscape

As cyber criminals grow bolder and more sophisticated, their methods evolve. Join Allen Jenkins, InterVision’s CISO & VP of Cybersecurity Consulting, as he explores the modern security landscape. Allen will discuss recent cybersecurity attacks – including a synopsis of the attack, its impact and deconstructing how the attack happened – and a review of mitigation steps that could help organizations prepare for and respond to these types of attacks, including:
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