Managing Threat Detection and Response for Securing AWS

Alert Logic

Security tools alone are not enough as your AWS environment becomes more complex, and the need for comprehensive security – including people, process, and technology – becomes apparent. Cyber threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication, so where do you start when incorporating advanced threat detection and response capabilities into your security strategy? Start here with Ryan Holland, Senior Director, Technology Services Group at Alert Logic and Orlando Scott-Cowley, Principal Evangelist at AWS as they list the top considerations to better protect your AWS workloads and applications.
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42Crunch is the #1 API Security Platform To Test and Secure Your APIs. Our tools provide API security testing and runtime protection for your APIs.


Exciting Updates for Threat Response Cloud and TRAP 5.8

As security products move more into the cloud, Proofpoint continues to strengthen our Threat Response Auto-Pull solution. Join us for this customer session to learn about new features available to you, including our new audit-logging, internal incident response, and enhanced visualizations in Threat Response Cloud. We also have exciting new updates for TRAP 5.8 on-prem.
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3 Steps for a Successful Cyber Insurance Policy Renewal

Thanks to the rapid increase in ransomware attacks, businesses are having a difficult time with cyber insurance renewals. Many organizations are finding that they can no longer afford cyber insurance, while others are declined coverage altogether.
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Attack Tactics 5 – Zero to Hero Attack

Black Hills Information Security

Presented BHIS Testers by: Jordan Drysdale, Kent Ickler, and John Strand. This is a re-recording of a live BHIS webcast that was presented on April 26th, 2019. Ever want to see a full attack from no access on the outside to domain takeover? Ever want to see that in under an hour? OWA? Password Sprays? Yup! VPNs? Remote account takeover? Yup! Fully documented command and tool usage? Yup! MailSniper? Absolutely! Nmap? Obviously.
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Private Equity Cybersecurity: Preliminary Look at Exclusive Compliance Checklist


Join ACG’s Private Equity Regulatory Taskforce (PERT) and Dennis Johnson, Wipfli LLP Risk Advisory Services Manager, as they divulge pertinent information about the best-in-class Wipfli Cybersecurity Checklist. The Cybersecurity Checklist is an exclusive perk for PERT members. However, all webinar attendees will benefit from an illuminating glimpse into the cybersecurity resource. The Cybersecurity Checklist helps firms to measure cybersecurity functions at their particular institution. It does this by using the PERT’s exclusive Cybersecurity “Principle” and the SEC’s cybersecurity guidance.
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