Mastering Vulnerability Management with A Risk-based Approach

To effectively prioritize and remediate the most critical vulnerabilities threatening your organization, you need to combine internal asset risk evaluation with external real-time exploit and threat intelligence to create the most accurate picture of incidence and impact. Join this webcast to learn how Qualys and Brinqa provide all the tools you need to dramatically improve the effectiveness and performance of your vulnerability management program, including : * Leveraging asset risk and context during vulnerability prioritization * Effective remediation through automated, risk-centric remediation policies * Business risk and exposure reporting for primary stakeholders
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Richard Timbol Security Manager at Amalgamated Life was concerned with information security and turned to Proofpoint for Outbound Data Loss Protection and encryption.


The State of Cloud Security: Results of the SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey


Cloud is part of today's infrastructures, and infrastructures are part of clouds. Are security infrastructures maturing to support the business and improve risk management in the cloud model? How are organizations using the public cloud to meet their business needs? This webcast will explore the results of the SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey, conducted in cooperation with the Cloud Security Alliance, concerning organizations' use of the public cloud and will provide actionable advice for attendees to improve their cloud security. Attendees will learn about the: Types of applications that are implemented most frequently through the cloud. Number of public cloud providers most organizations use.

Phishing, Malware and Incidents – Oh my! How to handle the daily deluge.

PhishMe, Inc

No one understands the strain of constant battle better than those in Incident Response (IR). Daily cyber assaults require an unattainable perfect response – every time. However, teams are constantly working within constraints and breaches continue to occur in record number. Technology has been introduced to help but has failed time and time again. Breach identification takes an exorbitantly long time. And above all, attackers continue to target that last line of defense – the vulnerable, easily fooled human assets.

Ransomware: How to Avoid Extortion


The threat of ransomware is very real. Studies have found that it has hit one in three companies. And crypto-ransomware like Cryptolocker and Cryptowall are the scourge of the web – and with new and ever-more sophisticated variants springing up rapidly this year, have become the tool of choice for online blackmail and extortion by cybercriminals.

"What's missing in your network security stack? DNS"

"OpenDNS provides a network security service that can deliver you the quickest “WIN” to improve your security stack. From small businesses without dedicated security professionals to multinational enterprises with complex environments, it takes mere minutes to gain a new layer of breach protection and Internet-wide visibility on and off your network. OpenDNS’s CEO, David Ulevitch, will discuss: -Where you have compromised systems and data exfiltration blind spots today. -Why signature-based antivirus, firewalls, and proxy gateways miss most command & control (C2) callbacks. -How we prevent (vs. detect) threats with a painless deployment and transparent experience"