MCG Cybersecurity Webinar: Risk Management for Small Business

Learn the five steps all businesses must follow to protect themselves from costly data breaches. This will be the first of a monthly series to educational webinars for small business leaders. Knowing is the first step in protecting your business.
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DDoS attacks damage your revenue, brand and user experience. Fight back and defend your network and applications against DDoS. A10 DDoS Protection Cloud gives our customers an on-demand cloud DDoS scrubbing solution that, when combined with the precise, surgical defense of our on-premise A10 Thunder


IDS for Security Analysts: How to Get Actionable Insights from your IDS

The fun with IDS doesn't stop after installation, in fact, that's really where the fun starts. Join our panel of IDS experts for an educational discussion that will help you make sense of your IDS data, starting from Day 1. We will discuss signature manipulation, event output and the three "P's" - policy, procedure and process. We won't stop there either! You will find out the meaning behind the terms all the cool kids are using like "False Positives" and "Baselining". We'll round it out with more information about how IDS interacts with the rest of your IT applications and infrastructure. If you installed an IDS and are wondering what to do next then signup now


Alert Logic, Inc

The frequency and severity of cyber attacks are on the rise as cyber criminals adapt their methods of attack for maximum profit: from adopting a mass-market approach for compromising as many organisations as possible, through to more sophisticated attacks that target specific companies. This is why building a cyber security strategy that has data-driven threat intelligence at its core is so critical.In this session, Martin Lee, Intelligence Manager, Alert Logic discusses why a cyber-threat intelligence capability is so critical, share insights into current threat vectors and how threat intelligence should be integrated into your cyber-security strategy to help countering threats.

10 Things I Learned by Phishing My Company

Duo Security

Ninety-one percent of organizations in a recent TechValidate survey say they have seen phishing attacks on their organization in the past year. What’s more, 42% report more than 10 phishing attacks on their network in that time. What can be done to thwart this enormous threat and protect your data and users?Phishing simulation tools are a powerful way to see how many and which employees are prone to fall for phishing attacks. With this information in hand, you can determine how to train those who are susceptible to avoid these attempts, and provide the tools to protect against them.

"Integrating Smarter Cybersecurity into the IoT"


Traditional cybersecurity approaches aren’t effective in the world of IoT with the vast disparity in device capabilities, resource constraints and architectural designs. This diversity has created an environment where attacking the IoT infrastructure of an organization will become more common place. This presentation will discuss what can be done in the near term to help protect against attacks on the varying device types and their ecosystems.