Mid-year Data Breach Update: How the Latest Cyberthreat Trends Can Impact Your Identity Security

Mid-year Data Breach Update: How the Latest Cyberthreat
Last year saw a historic number of data breaches that exposed the personal information of millions of individuals to possible risk. In our new 15-minute webinar, we’ll be joined by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) to review 2022’s threat trends, the risks to businesses, and how employees and consumers can help protect their identity, credit and other personal data.
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Ponemon Survey Report: Measuring & Managing the Cyber Risks to Business Operations


How does your experience compare with the findings from this Ponemon survey of 2410 infosec professionals? All information security professionals responsible for improving overall cybersecurity effectiveness are encouraged to attend this session.
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Protecting against Advanced Email Threats: Beyond the Nigerian Prince Scam


In this webinar, GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien discussed how phishing attacks have evolved – from the early days of the widespread Nigerian prince schemes to today’s sophisticated and highly targeted spear phishing threats – and how our collective response has failed to keep up. By reviewing common attack patterns, he highlights areas outside of technology that are critical to protecting organizations from advanced email threats – from business processes to user engagement
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Computational Thinking and Skills: A Foundation for STEM and Cybersecurity Education


Success in multiple industry sectors or any of the hundreds of new tech-heavy jobs emerging in the modern economy requires a core competency: computational thinking and skills. Computational thinking and skills extend beyond computer programming to include a larger set of knowledge and skills broadly captured by a wide swath of STEM disciplines, including cybersecurity. This webinar will explain why acquiring computational thinking and skills are important for STEM-related careers and how to incorporate and assess computational thinking and skills as part of cybersecurity education and training programs.
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Must-Have Enterprise Mobile Security RFP Section: Advanced, Purpose-Built Threat Detection


Mobile operating systems (OSs) are fundamentally different from other endpoint OSs. Simply porting a security solution developed for a different platform over to mobile is inadequate and can leave your enterprise vulnerable. Effective enterprise mobile security requires a purpose-built solution that: Can protect mobile devices against known and unknown threats. Operates effectively even when an attacker controls the network.
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