Mobile Security Threats & ESET Endpoint Security for Android

Looking to improve mobile device security, protect remote workers and reduce costs? Then join this webinar detailing how ESET endpoint security for Android can handle all the latest threats—without the need for a costly MDM system.
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"IBM i remains one of the most securable servers, but poor configuration and missing controls can result in undetected data access, fraud, or worse.

The only study focused exclusively on IBM i security found an alarming 94% of systems fail to protect all 27 exit points.


Network Security and Hacking


With new technical vulnerabilities being discovered each day it has never been more important for businesses to assess and understand their critical infrastructure in an increasingly connected environment. Organisations need to be aware that cyber-criminal syndicates are ahead of the game, finding new sophisticated ways to gain access to an organisations “crown jewels”, often through their networks.

An Offensive Strategy for Today's Cyber Warzone: Winning With

"In this webinar, Chris Inglis, former Deputy Director of the NSA will share research and actionable insights on: -What it takes to build a winning cyber security strategy -Why cyber campaigns are much more effective than reactive cyber tactics -How to enhance your organization's cyber security profile and maintain a sustainable security posture"

Security for the Millennial Age: Culture and Communication


Security is not rocket science. Developing an effective and efficient enterprise security program starts with strong culture and risk communication. Ditch the old school security ways and embrace the millennial approach. The pillars of the millennial approach to security are: developing a positive security culture, making secure business processes easy, fostering enduring business relationships, constant communication with executives, and getting the biggest bang for your limited bucks with risk prioritization.

Application security threats

"Today's fastest-growing risk category is web application vulnerabilities. Join this live web event to better understand some of the common misconceptions around application security and hear some war stories from the field that demonstrate today's application security weaknesses. The presentation will take a look at: • How hackers are evolving to attack your applications • The most common application vulnerabilities • Remediation actions you can take to help limit your attack surface area • Considerations for designing security into your application."