"Mobile Threats: The Force Awakens! Protecting Mobile Enterprise Data"

Join MobileIron’s Director of Security Research Mike Raggo for a discussion about where enterprises are coming up short in terms of mobile security. Raggo will share MobileIron insights about how often compromised devices access the enterprise network and which apps are the most commonly blacklisted by IT departments. He will outline the mobile threat landscape to understand why devices commonly fall out of compliance. This will provide the basis for listing steps enterprises can take to protect enterprise mobile data without sacrificing employee experience or productivity.
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In the financial services industry, in-depth log analysis is essential to maintaining enterprise-wide security and meeting compliance requirements, including PCI-DSS regulations. In addition to being required to meet compliance standards, continuous monitoring of customers' financial data activi


"Welcome to the new school of cyber defense"


The old school of cyber defense emphasized securing your infrastructure – protecting endpoints, your network, servers and inhibited data flows. But data needs to run free to power our organizations, and it's hard to protect something as fluid as data. Come see how the new school of cyber defense addresses this challenge. Join us to discover security that is agile and emphasizes protecting the interactions between our users, our applications and our data.

Unify your Defenses for More Effective Threat Detection & Investigation

Network IDS is one of the most effective tools for sniffing out attackers in your network. However, correlation of IDS events is needed to minimize noise and focus on the alerts that really matter. Most SIEM solutions ship with a set of "out of the box" correlation directives. But without specific knowledge of which IDS tool and signature set you're using, those rules are all but useless. Writing your own correlation directives is certainly an option, but that requires a great deal of time and expertise to do effectively, and re-do as the network and threats change

Protection Capabilities to Consider While Preparing for Advanced Malware

"We learned a few things about advanced malware in 2013. Namely, zero-day and targeted attacks continued to evade more traditional protection methods. And while many organizations are stepping up detection efforts, there’s still more that can and should be done. So what will 2014 bring? Join McAfee and featured analyst firm Gartner for an in-depth look at what advanced threats are on the horizon for 2014 and what you can do to improve your security posture. Our conversation will cover: Threat predictions for 2014 and beyond Key capabilities to consider in your detection and protection arsenal Planning for a successful advanced malware protection strategy"

Dealing with DDoS Application Threats in Mobile Networks


The publicity given to devastating cyber-attacks on companies like Sony Pictures leads some mobile operators to believe that the uniqueness of the mobile network, service and device environment means they are nowhere near as vulnerable to DDoS and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Leveraging Heavy Reading survey data, and pointing to real examples which have not attracted the same level of publicity, this webinar will demonstrate just how vulnerable the network stability and confidential information of mobile operators becomes to DDoS attacks.