Modern Malware and the need for Remediation Innovation

Malware today is very different from just a few years ago. Traditional AV technology is no longer able to consistently and fully remediate or defend against today’s most advanced threats. New and emerging threats such as ransomware, social engineering driven attacks and micro variant financial threats are just some examples of difficult to remediate infections. This presentation will take a look at the malware landscape and explain why these tactics are so effective against traditional AV technology. We will examine three specific families of infections and highlight their tactics to evade detection and what issues occur with remediation. Lastly, we will talk about Webroot’s innovation and how our SecureAnywhere AV solution is capable of defending against, and remediating today’s most advanced threats.
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Lack of cyber security is a growing concern among businesses as they gradually embrace 'digital'. So, how can organizations ensure a strong Cybersecurity ecosystem and put a strong shield on the safety of their businesses? Watch this video to know how to go about it as an organization.


Security Webinar Series Network Security with Tenable

Security is no longer just an IT function – it’s imperative to your business. Continuous network monitoring represents a compelling and effective approach to addressing security challenges by continuously measuring, analyzing and visualizing the health of your enterprise.

The Evolving Threat Landscape

This webinar reviews some of the headline attacks and threat events of 2015, then asks what can be learned from them. After looking at some of the trends and directions that today's attacks are taking, it looks at key challenges facing the enterprise, and how they can be addressed by leveraging the latest developments in security technologies, combined with constantly updated threat intelligence

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(ISC)2 offers a comprehensive range of quality, high-level educational events. Professionals can earn CPEs at (ISC)2 e-Symposiums and (ISC)2 Security Leadership Events. (ISC)2 Secure Events take place throughout the year and in cities across the globe. Upcoming Secure Events focus on managing risk in the ever-changing threat landscape, advancing the cybersecurity workforce, and other pressing topics of interest to the Information Security community.

Learn how the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Benefits State and Local Governments


The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) provides an excellent guide for state and local governments looking to improve their overall cybersecurity posture. Join our webcast hosted by Symantec Chief Cybersecurity Business Strategist, Renault Ross, where he reveals how to apply the CSF to state and local government. Learn to: Identify where sensitive data is and who is accessing it. Protect that data with universal policies to ensure stability of networks and infrastructure. Detect cyber threats quickly and reduce the chance of breaches. Respond to threats with automated actions.