New Ransomware Report: Learn how to protect your clients and expand your practice in 2019

Ransomware attacks aren’t decreasing among small and midsize customers. According to Datto’s annual State of the Channel Ransomware Report, 79 percent of MSPs reported ransomware attacks against SMBs from Q2 2016 – Q2 2018. And in the first half of 2018 alone, 55 percent reported attacks against clients. It remains crucial for MSPs to communicate to SMBs that the threat of ransomware isn’t going away, and to help them prepare for the next emerging threat.
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Turning the Tables on Cryptojacking


It seems that criminal hackers are always a few steps ahead of everyone else and the recent onset of cryptojacking is a great example. In this webinar, independent information security consultant, professional speaker, and writer of Hacking For Dummies, Kevin Beaver, outlines what cryptomining and cryptojacking are and how they impact your business. He discusses strategies and tactics that you can use to ensure that your network and computer cycles are not used for someone else’s gains. From security policies and standards to endpoint controls to user training, this latest malware craze can be beaten but you must first understand it. Watch the replay and leave better prepared to address this threat.
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Cyber Ranges – The Future of Cybersecurity Training


Clearly, people have become the weakest link in the cybersecurity organization. The shortage of cybersecurity professionals in India is estimated by one million open positions. The existing workforce lacks the skills to match the growing volume and complexity of today’s attacks. How can we rethink our approach to training and upskilling our teams, and how can we certify new professionals faster so we can fill in the skill gap? Download the webinar and learn: How enterprises and governments use cyber ranges to run simulated attacks that prepare their SOC teams and red teams for the real world.
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Adopting a Purpose-Built Approach to Linux Security

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Cloud is the dominant computing trend of our time, and Linux is the power behind it. As enterprises continue to adopt more cloud native infrastructure, we see accelerated adoption of Linux in the form of both migrations of existing infrastructure and greenfield application deployment. Unfortunately the approach to securing this growing fleet of production servers has not evolved at the same pace.
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Who Secures the Inbox Best? An Analysis of 3 Million Emails

Email is the number one cause of all cyber breaches. Yet, today's anti-phishing solutions haven't proven up to the task. As hackers step up their game, so too must email security. Recently, Avanan analyzed three million emails to understand how Microsoft Defender, and others, fare against the most sophisticated phishing threats.
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