NSS Labs’ 2016 Information Security Predictions

NSS Labs research experts will share their predictions for information security.
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It’s a simple fact: Your business is at risk from cyber-attack. A data breach could land your company in the news making customers, partners and investors irate. Your company and employees are targets for sophisticated email attacks designed to steal credentials, customer data and valuable int


Effective Cyber Security Monitoring and Incident Response


Jason will introduce some of the major challenges associated with monitoring and logging cyber security events, highlighting the need to identify indicators of compromise at a much earlier stage and in a more consistent, insightful manner.

"Incident Response - What Is (and Isn't) Working Today"

"Incident response is a hot topic among the SANS audience. In SANS' 2014 survey on Incident Response, only 9% of organizations felt their incident response process were ""very effective,"" yet the majority of respondents operated under the assumption that they will be breached. This two-part webcast will focus on what is and isn't working for incident responders, what they can do about it, and how they can become more proactive in responding to incidents. Part 1 of this webinar will include: - A look at incident response expectations and the realities responders face - The state of incident response policies and practices - How those policies and practices have changed since the 2014 survey "

Mobile Security Threats & ESET Endpoint Security for Android


Looking to improve mobile device security, protect remote workers and reduce costs? Then join this webinar detailing how ESET endpoint security for Android can handle all the latest threats—without the need for a costly MDM system.

What Suppliers Don't Tell You About Security?


When parts of a business process are outsourced, how can you as a customer assess that your supplier provides secure services? Of course, certification of their security management process gives some trust, but control is better. This presentation is about a practical approach to check vendor security.