On-demand Webinar: IoT and Cybersecurity

On-demand Webinar: IoT and Cybersecurity
Use your next 30 minutes to update you on IoT and Cybersecurity.

During this on-demand webinar we are going to talk about

  • Cyber security threats and challenges towards global or regional regulatory alignment?
  • Standards and certifications
  • Nemko Cyber Security Assurance services
  • The schemes
  • Key factors for the manufacturer to cover
  • Common Criteria
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Cloud Security Insights Gained from Remote Working

Securing the cloud comes with many challenges, which have further been compounded with the pandemic and the increased attack surface the cloud brings. As part of a global research project, Vectra surveyed security professionals to find out the impact the past 12 months have had on their organisation’s corporate risk profiles and their own jobs.
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The Current State of Cybersecurity is a 24x7x365 Game

Alert Logic

The lack of awareness around cyber threats and the risk that these pose to an organisation is a worrying state of affairs. Data breaches, hacks and various cyber-attacks dominate the headlines on a regular basis. Unfortunately protecting an organisation against a cyber threat becomes impossible if you don’t know that the threat exists. So how do you protect your organisations against known and unknown threats? Security is constantly changing. To stay ahead of threats, you need to leverage software plus services to augment your security team and capabilities.
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The Value of Diversity and Inclusion for Law Departments

The recent Thomson Reuters/Acritas 2019 State of the Corporate Law Department report found that gender-diverse teams achieved significantly higher performance ratings, mirroring earlier research on corporate boards and teams in general. Similar results have been shown for other categories of diversity. The facts are clear: diver
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How DNS-Based Attacks Operate from the Inside Out, and How to Defend Against Them


The Domain Name System (DNS) plays a critical role in modern network connectivity. Unfortunately, it is also a central part of many cyber-attacks as DNS is involved in more than 90% of malware/ransomware and nearly half of all data exfiltration incidents. So how exactly how do cyber-criminals use DNS to carry out attacks? In this webinar we will examine the many ways cybercriminals exploit the unique properties of DNS.
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