Operationalizing Data For Fraud Investigations


Security and Fraud teams are swimming in data. Data is not the problem, but operationalizing and making use of the data we have is, especially when it comes to fraud prevention. Join Chip Witt, head of product at SpyCloud, and Security Boulevard Managing Editor Charlene O'Hanlon for a lively discussion and live Maltego examples on how organizations can actually get a handle on their data and into their security systems to prevent fraud.
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Learn why the right endpoint technology is critical to a successful security strategy, and see the 4 key elements to consider.


AutoFocus - How to Identify the Attacks that Matter Most

For most security teams, there are simply too many alerts to deal with in a day. From various security devices and third-party feeds to threat intelligence sources — the sea of information makes it virtually impossible for organizations to quickly respond before damage can be done. How can security operations, analysis, and research teams cut through the noise, and drill straight down into the security events that matter most? Join Palo Alto Networks® for a live webinar that will focus on how Cyberthreat Intelligence helps security teams
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Addressing a Key Challenge in Network Security – ZERO DOWNTIME

Forcepoint LLC

One of the top CIO challenges is to maintain 100% uptime. Access to applications, data, and resources on the network is mission-critical for every organization. Downtime costs can be high and in various forms - loss of revenue and productivity, the cost of recovery and other intangible costs, such as damage to their reputation and brand value. Downtime is simply unacceptable. Hence, security for that network must be highly available and not cause any performance degradation of the network - in migration, deployment or through human error.
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"Incident Response - What Is (and Isn't) Working Today"

"Incident response is a hot topic among the SANS audience. In SANS' 2014 survey on Incident Response, only 9% of organizations felt their incident response process were ""very effective,"" yet the majority of respondents operated under the assumption that they will be breached. This two-part webcast will focus on what is and isn't working for incident responders, what they can do about it, and how they can become more proactive in responding to incidents. Part 1 of this webinar will include: - A look at incident response expectations and the realities responders face - The state of incident response policies and practices - How those policies and practices have changed since the 2014 survey "
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Managing Cyber Risks in Financial Services

Recent technological advances have shown the dark side of innovation - the ability of criminals to stealthily attack users and businesses in new ways.Financial institutions around the world are more at risk to breaches and cyber-attacks like e-banking frauds, customer data and intellectual property thefts, UPSI thefts, payment card hacks and many others. Is your organisation ready for these new threats? What are the right areas to focus on in this new cyber world to ensure continuous threat protection?
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