Our Security, Delivered Your Way: Channel Profitability as an MSSP

WatchGuard Technologies

In the first webinar of this informative series, join WatchGuard and The Channel Company as they take an in-depth look at market trends and opportunities for value added resellers (VARs) transitioning to managed security service providers (MSSPs).
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When it comes to network security, a retailer’s main concern typically lies with their point of sale systems. Because customer payment card information is gathered through POS devices, retailers naturally assume those devices will be the primary vector of any potential attack.


Intrusion vs. Breach: How Security Analytics & Automated Response Can Improve Your Chances of Avoiding a Breach


60% of breached organizations included in the 2015 Verizon DBIR were initially compromised within minutes, and yet for most of those organizations it took hundreds of days to detect the intruders. Fortunately, an intrusion does not equal a breach. In fact, there are usually several steps that typically follow an initial compromise before the bad guys get away with the goods or disrupt a critical service. Detecting early warning signs such as an initial system compromise, command and control activity or suspicious lateral movement of intruders can provide the necessary lead time to respond and neutralize a threat before the intrusion leads to a material breach.
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PandaLabs Reveals the Cybersecurity Trends in Store for 2018 - Panda Security Webinar

Panda Security

Today, more malware samples are created in just a few hours than in the entire twentieth century. The targets have changed, the techniques have become more sophisticated, the attack vectors have multiplied, and the tools are more precisely designed. Attackers are meticulously studying their victims to adapt their strategy and achieve the greatest possible impact. This Thursday, November 30, PandaLabs and Panda Security invite you to a webinar in which we will discuss: 1. What attacks have been trending in 2017? 2. The year in figures 3. Cybersecurity predictions for 2018 4. Conclusions and recommendations.
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Mobile Security - 2015 Wrap-up and 2016 Predictions


If you still think Mobile Security is a thing of the future--think again. Millions of mobile devices worldwide were exposed in 2015 to vulnerabilities and advanced cyber-attacks including: No iOS Zone, XcodeGhost, Stagefright and SwiftKey to name just a few. Given 2015’s ultra-active cyber-risk front, we are sure 2016 has much more in store. Join Yair Amit, CTO and Chief Security Researcher at Skycure, in this live webinar where he will: - Do a post-mortem on the top mobile threats from 2015 and what enterprises can learn from them.
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The Malware Symposium: How to Defeat the Modern Cyber Enemy


"In conjunction with Osterman Research, Trustwave presents a panel discussion on the challenges of modern malware and how to effectively combat it. Trustwave editor Dan Kaplan facilitates this discussion with Analyst Michael Osterman of Osterman Research, and Steve Brunetto, Director of Anti-Malware Product Management for Trustwave. This deep-dive session investigates techniques modern malware uses to evade even ""zero-day"" detection methods, debunk misconceptions, and discuss what the next generation of malware prevention looks like."
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