Overcoming the Challenges of Credentialed Scanning


Get the visibility you need to build an effective cyber exposure plan. You know authenticated or credentialed scanning provides more detail about your existing assets, along with the deepest possible understanding of the exposures in your environment. So why aren’t you taking more advantage of authenticated scanning? When we talk to security professionals who are hesitant to run credentialed scans, their story hasn't changed much in over 8 years. Two things stand out: Lack of trust. They're uncomfortable inputting credentials into a third-party, less-trusted source. Too much information. The tsunami of data generated by credentialed scanning is challenging to prioritize. If you're not taking full advantage of credentialed scanning, you need to watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Tenable and CyberArk integrate to: Provide details on what don’t you know about your environment, giving you a complete cyber exposure view.
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Understanding the Attack Landscape - Your Best Defense in Today’s State of Cyber Security

Alert Logic

As we reflect on the state of security this past year, it’s evident that cybercriminals continue to be successful with a trusted set of techniques proven effective against common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Attackers looking to make a buck prey on businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, by understanding what the attack landscape looks like, where the next attacks will be coming from, and what your attackers might be after, you can achieve top-strength security. Join this session to hear how attackers are infiltrating enterprise environments and how you can learn from them. We’ll dive into real case studies and provide actual code samples.
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No Host Found: Remote Connection Security in a Post-VPN World

Internet connectivity has become a must-have feature for digital business operations. Devices on the edge provide significant value, but the constant connectivity comes with a price in terms of security risk. Hackers may target industrial controls, healthcare devices, sensors, or vehicles through their open ports and global IP a
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Forrester-Led Webinar: Connecting the Relationship Between Threat Intelligence and Adversary


Join Forrester Analyst Rick Holland and ThreatConnect Chief Intelligence Officer Rich Barger for a webinar on understanding your adversary and the importance of proper threat intelligence analysis to proactively defend your organization
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Enabling and Securing Remote Users of Teams

Microsoft recently reported that video calls on the Microsoft Teams platform grew more than 1,000% during the month of March, and they've added more than 12 million daily active users to the robust collaboration tool. According to Forrester, 85% of security breaches occur because of mismanaged licenses. Watch now to hear our sec
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