Overcoming Unstructured Data Security and Privacy Choke Points

Why do so many data loss prevention projects either stall or de-scope? Why with significant industry expenditures in the space do we continue to experience record-breaking instances of data breaches and exfiltration? What are the latest methodologies and technologies security and privacy executives should consider to protect their sensitive data and comply with ever-increasing and pervasive privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Join Deborah Kish, former Gartner data security analyst, as she shares insights gleaned from hundreds of sessions with CISO, CIO, CDO, CPO and CCOs to offer an insider's playbook to implementing an unstructured data security and privacy program.
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Healthcare's Need for Shifting Security Priorities from Prevention to Detection


The digital revolution has given healthcare organizations new tools to increase team efficiency and improve their customer experience. But it's also opened up new vectors that cybercriminals can use to attack. As your attack surface expands to web infrastructure that you don't own or control, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect your digital assets and your data. You must shift security priorities from prevention to detection and remediation.
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Understanding privacy regulations and compliance

Baker Tilly

Data is among an organization’s most valuable assets. Its management and protection should be viewed as a mission-critical stewardship rather than mere compliance. Larger and more costly cybersecurity incidents coincide with annually increasing regulatory and liability pressures. Looming U.S. privacy legislation on the horizon coupled with the General Data Protection Regulation’s impacts (Google recently received a $57 million fine), intensifies pressure on organizations to understand their legal compliance obligations and to safeguard private information.
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Making Security Cloud-Friendly

Security in the cloud vs. cloud security – whose job is it anyway? According to F5 Labs researchers, 86% of successful data breaches begin with compromises of the application layer services or user identities – placing responsibility for app security squarely in the hands of the app owners, developers, and enterprises deploying them. Application security can be difficult and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.
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Live Broadcast: Be Empowered to Threat Hunt in 2019

Carbon Black

New research from Carbon Black shows that cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, as nation state actors and crime syndicates continue to leverage fileless attacks, lateral movement, island hopping and counter incident response in an effort to remain undetected. This issue is compounded by resources and budgeting. Not only is there a major talent deficit in cybersecurity, there is also a major spending delta. What’s more, according to Carbon Black’s research, businesses are largely unaware about the scale, scope, and sophistication of modern attacks.
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