Panel: Fraud Investigations - How to Work Effectively with Law Enforcement, Government & Litigators

Public-sector organizations need to better understand the driving forces, priorities and procedures within the organizations they "protect." But equally as important is that the private-sector organizations reciprocate and understand the how, what and why of the law enforcement/public body process. Join our conversation as our experts examine a number of examples identifying best practices and a framework for how these relationships can be built, developed and maintained.
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A short 3D animated video to demonstrate how to create strong passwords. This explainer video is the first in a series of Cyber Security videos that are being developed by the eLearning experts at XpertLearning. This series focuses and shares some essential do’s and don’ts of Information Security Awareness.


"A view from the CISO: Key Pressures and Trends Impacting their Role"


"Join Mike Smart, Security Strategist from Proofpoint and Martin Whitworth, Snr. Analyst at Forrester to hear some of what goes on behind the scenes in the office of the CISO. During this webinar they will discuss the most pressing issues that influence security strategy decisions and spending plans. "

How do you REALLY Know if Your DDoS Protection Solution will stop a DDoS Attack?

So you’ve purchased a DDoS protection solution. You’ve installed it according to the vendor’s recommendations. Sigh of relief…you’re feeling more secure already. But there’s a nagging thought in the back of your mind …“How do I REALLY know if my DDoS protection solution will stop a complex DDoS attack?” The answer is certainly NOT "wait and see." The best practice is to simulate the attack vectors of a real DDoS attack as accurately as you possibly can, to put your technology and process to the test - before a real attack occurs. Join Arbor Networks, the leader in DDoS attack protection products and services and Security Compass, a leading DDoS attack simulation and security consulting company – to see how you can use DDoS attack simulation to test the various layers of your DDoS protection solution. This webcast will cover: - A variety of DDoS attack types simulated to show you how they impact a network - What patterns and information you should expect from a mitigation device in action - How to convert your learnings into actionable guidance for your DDoS attack response plan

Learn the Ins and Outs of a Security-Aware Culture from a Forrester Expert


Developing and maintaining a security-aware culture in an organization has become vital in the defense against modern cyberthreats. But such a culture cannot be expected to develop overnight. Building such a culture is a journey, not a miracle, with many pitfalls along the way. That’s why we’re here to help. Watch our on-webinar Harden the Human Firewall by Building Awareness, Behavior, and Culture, with MediaPRO Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast guest speaker Forrester analyst Jinan Budge to learn how to instill a culture of security through an engaging, meaningful, and even entertaining security awareness program.

Proceed with Caution: Avoiding the Data Risks of the Anywhere Enterprise

"In today’s enterprise it’s estimated more than 28% of business data is solely on end-user devices. With 10% of devices being lost or stolen yearly the productivity and financial impact can be significant. Organizations need to assess multiple technologies to ensure they are providing the right level of security, data protection and controls to keep on top of their data, while at the same time not impeding end-user productivity. Join us to learn how an endpoint data protection solution can aid in mitigating these challenges and avoid the many risks associated with data in today’s anywhere enterprise"