Planning your 2015 Threat Detection Strategy with a Broken Crystal Ball

"If you made it through 2014 without suffering a significant breach, you can consider yourself fortunate. After a year filled with new exploits & high profile breaches, it's time to look back at what we learned and look ahead to the trends that will surely have an impact in 2015. Join Mike Rothman, President of Security Analyst firm Securosis, and Patrick Bedwell, VP of Product Marketing for AlienVault, for an entertaining overview of key trends you should consider as you plan for 2015.
In this session, Mike and Patrick will cover:
Trends in the threat landscape that will bring new infosec challenges
How those challenges will affect your network security strategy
A 2015 ""shopping list"" of core technologies you should consider to secure your environment in 2015"
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Your organization is at risk of attack every day, and security threats continue to grow in sophistication and severity. Fortunately IBM offers solutions that use intelligence and advanced analytics to help keep your data safe. Watch this session and learn more about how IBM Security QRadar detects t


"Stopping Attacks Before They Stop Business"

"Privileged accounts have been leveraged in every recent breach, and are an area of focus for internal audit, external compliance regulations and cyber attack.(ISC)² and CyberArk presents a webinar focused on mitigating risk while meeting audit requirements and increasing operational efficiencies. We will be discussing best practices for a successful privileged account security program based on experience gained over hundreds of deployments, some immediately post breach."

Email: Still A Top Threat Vector!


A consistent message throughout this Summit: Most threats to an organization continue to enter through the route of least resistance - email. In this session, hear directly from a CISO on why email security needs renewed focus and how he's addressed it in his own organization, including: Why smart employees continue to fall for email phishing schemes; How to use adult learning techniques as part of a new anti-phishing strategy; How to reduce exposure via phishing by more than 30 percent.

Sensitive Data Loss is NOT Inevitable

"Webinar: Learn how to prevent the inevitable intrusions from compromising sensitive data! There is no silver bullet, but there is a solution. It’s widely accepted that perimeter breaches are inevitable – the bad guys are getting in. There is no silver bullet and there aren’t enough dollars in any IT security budget to address every vulnerability. But the loss of sensitive data from a breach is NOT inevitable. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a proven solution that stops the theft of sensitive data. The problem is, DLP is not widely deployed. Why? Put simply, DLP is hard. But just because it’s hard, doesn’t make it a less necessary component of your security strategy. "

"Rethinking vulnerability management: Insights from Secunia & Forrester"

"Cybersecurity incident disclosures and vulnerability warnings continue to be released at an alarming and fatiguing rate, and there aren’t any signs of breach activity slowing down. Vulnerability management is more important than ever, yet staying on top of vulnerabilities poses a major challenge for security and risk (S&R) professionals. In this webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Research’s Kelley Mak, will provide insight on how S&R pros can repair their strained or broken vulnerability management processes and move past low impact checkbox scanning to proactive, risk-based assessments."