Ponemon Survey Report: Measuring & Managing the Cyber Risks to Business Operations

How does your experience compare with the findings from this Ponemon survey of 2410 infosec professionals? All information security professionals responsible for improving overall cybersecurity effectiveness are encouraged to attend this session.
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Solving New Authentication Challenges While Finding Parity Between User Experience and Security


Unfortunately, most businesses are making the fundamental mistake when it comes to authentication and are thinking inside-out, but by thinking outside-in, they would automatically put the Customer first. Until now, strong (and not so strong) authentication to services seems to have been driven by an inside-out way of thinking. The institutions think about what works best for them: what fits into their infrastructure; what is the cheapest yet compliant approach? For customers, this means that they must use what their service provider offers to them. Companies must also be aware of insider risks and by implementing a Zero Trust approach of ‘never trust, always verify’, they can better secure the access to their assets. In this KuppingerCole webinar, we will address the following.
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Cloud security best practices for multi-cloud: Beyond native tools

As multi-cloud adoption accelerates, security teams are navigating the delta between each cloud provider’s native capabilities and comprehensive protection from bad actors.
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Understanding The Role Of Software Bill Of Materials In Cybersecurity Readiness

Cybersecurity issues are top of mind across the open source community, and beyond. In response to the ongoing threat of cyber attacks, Linux Foundation Research, in partnership with SPDX, OpenChain, and OpenSSF, has conducted the first in a series of research projects to understand the challenges and opportunities for securing software supply chains. This soon-to-be-published report, The State of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and Cybersecurity Readiness, will be released to coincide with this webinar.
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Cyberattack Prevention for the Water & Wastewater Industry

America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) mandates (drinking) water systems serving more than 3,300 people to improve cybersecurity measures no later than six months after certifying the completion of a risk and resilience assessment. It is important to understand the various dimensions of the challenges in cyber securing water and wastewater treatment plants before we establish a roadmap to manage cyber threats, risks, and breaches.
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