Practical Risk Management Steps for the Threat Hunter

What is threat hunting and why is this field gaining popularity among security organizations? Threat hunting emphasizes on a proactive approach to security and encourages organizations to anticipate and manage potential security breaches and hacks. Join Dr. James Stanger, Sr Director of Products at CompTIA, in a live webinar as he walks us through the critical areas of threat hunting and how this can enhance current cyber security measures for organizations.
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How Malware Affects Your Security Rating & What to Do About It


Learn how botnet infections can impact your security posture. Security incidents such as malware infections can cause damage and disruption that propagates far beyond the organization, affecting its reputation, brand value and customer loyalty. Security ratings are impacted by these, giving an independent view into potential areas where security resources could be focused. In this webinar, BitSight's Tiago Pereira explains how and why botnet infections are a key metric of the effectiveness of your security posture, their impact on external security ratings and how to effectively deal with infections affecting your organization's rating.
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Privileged Password Management 101: Laying the Foundation for Success


InfoSec pros have their work cut out for them—with the need to secure an estimated 300 billion passwords by 2020. Privileged password management, in particular, is a pain point for almost every organization. Privileged credentials are often difficult to identify, challenging to tame and properly secure, and if done improperly, can be costly to manage. Without strong privileged password management processes and technology in place, your organization is ripe for all kinds of security breaches. In many industries, lack of the proper protections in place alone puts you at risk from legal and/or regulatory fallout.
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This is Security: Nothing is what it SIEMs

Alert Logic

Companies of every size and across every industry need to have the solution to defend against cyber attacks. For medium-sized and budget-constrained companies especially – the array of security technologies and solution and the volume of cyber threats can make the challenge seem overwhelming. Organizations suffer trying to manage raw data, security events and false positive incidents with limited context, overworked staff, and a lack of threat landscape knowledge. There is a better way to improve your security without the time, effort, and cost of purchasing and integrating multiple tools, a traditional SIEM or expensive traditional security outsourcing vendors.
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Cyber Insurance: The Preparedness Roadmap

If you, like many others, are looking to purchase or renew a cyber insurance policy, this webinar will help you avoid unnecessary stress and be proactive with your cybersecurity controls.
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