"Preparing for the Christmas Breach Season"

"Cyber criminals are also gearing up for the Christmas rush, as they know that the IT team is often too busy keeping Point of Sale systems and servers running smoothly to be on the lookout for signs of attack. What’s more, according to our recent survey, nearly 20% of businesses actually turn off antivirus during rush periods to avoid slowdowns.
The challenge is securing cardholder data and maintaining PCI compliance during this vulnerable period.
Join (ISC)², Bit9 and Coalfire in this round table discussion to learn about the potential cyber threats facing your organisation this Christmas holiday season and what you can do about it. "
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Networks continually change and evolve. Many trends such as virtualization and cloud computing have been ongoing for some time. Although they have matured, their cycles have not completed. So they continue to evolve while newer themes such as Compute Everywhere, Software-defined Networking (SDN), an


Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2018


Cybersecurity concerns continue as organizations globally grapple with technology changes affecting them. Threats to that technology and its supporting process are increasing in number and sophistication. Traditional IT security leaders have now become digital security leaders as they expand support to address risks for technology-savvy engineering and physical environments while embracing expanded roles for cloud and mobile services. This webinar reviews the cybersecurity lessons learned and informs you how to use the past to create the future.

Cybersecurity: Before, During and After a Breach

Today, 80% of corporate assets are likely virtual, dramatically increasing the risk of cybercrime. In this webinar you will learn how business continuity professionals can prepare for the possibility, mitigation and follow up in the case of a cyber breach.The webinar will focus on providing essential, accurate, and timely information to stakeholders before, during, and after a breach. You’ll learn to identify and prioritize your target audiences, and engage the proper channels of communications for effective internal and external communications. You’ll find out why it’s important that response evolves beyond traditional communication outlets, like press releases and conferences, to new communications venues like social media, Internet, intranet, email, text messaging, mass notification, and toll-free lines.

Dynamic IAM: Adaptive Risk-based Access to Web Apps and Data

"Alongside the increased adoption of cloud and mobility technologies in the enterprise environment, there is a general expectation to have 24x7 access to web applications and data from personal and company-owned mobile devices and from any location. During this webinar, we’ll show you how to implement a new approach to identity and access management that’s device and location aware. We’ll cover:  How to addresses the authentication and authorization management challenges associated with the way people work today.  How to enable cloud adoption with more flexible policies to automatically adapt and securely respond to changes in user types and behaviour.  How to automate the selection and changing of passwords that’s long, strong and unique across all accounts."

"Tips & Tricks to Reduce TTR for the Next Incident"


"Resolving an incident can be a complex process that takes a lot of time and many people. According to the 2014 State of On-Call Report, most teams report that it takes 10-30 minutes to resolve an incident and on average, 5 people are needed to help with resolution. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this webinar, Jason Hand will present best practices and tips for surviving every stage of the firefight - from when an alert comes in to pulling reports after it’s over. Join us to see how we do it at VictorOps. "