Preparing for Zero-Days and Emerging Threats - Where Effective Security Counts

"Staying ahead of the bad guys requires two things: a good plan and a good partner. Your security plan must be robust, flexible, and responsive. Your partner must do the heavy lifting, so your team can concentrate to what matters most to your business. HP Security Research Zero-Day Initiative has more than 3000 security researchers looking for vulnerabilities in the software you rely on. Once they are found, HP TippingPoint DVLabs pushes out weekly digital vaccine packages to proactively protect customers from emerging threats.But staying protected isn’t just a numbers game."
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This video is part of a series of four videos from a fireside chat on cyber security with Craig Davies (ex-Atlassian and CEO of Australian Cyber Security Network) and Mohan Koo (UniSA Alumnus and Co-Founder/CTO of DTEX Systems). Brought to you by the Innovation & Collaboration Centre, the event


Best Practices for Safeguarding Your Network from Todays Rapidly Evolving Threat

"Find out how Long Beach City College doubled its network performance, increased security measures and supports a BYOD environment for its 25,000 students and employees using Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive 9400 and NSA 6600 firewalls. The lessons learned from this webcast can be applied to your network. Discover how to: •Dramatically enhance your network performance •Secure wireless and BYOD traffic from thousands of devices •Significantly reduce the number of infected computers •Guard against the latest threats as they emerge •Use a context-aware monitoring engine to achieve full visibility into application and user activity •Leverage a nimble threat research and response team •Reduce deployment and administrative costs"

"Digital First World: Data Sovereignty and Privacy in the Cloud"

"Businesses today operate across more geographic boundaries than ever before and as data travels globally, a company's compliance, risk, and data governance obligations become exponentially more complex. Data moving across public and private clouds also increases breach risk, and compliance regulators can stop projects in their tracks - sometimes with drastic consequences to the business. How is information stored and managed in the cloud? A question every company should be asking when dealing with the privacy and security of information stored in the cloud. Join our panel of AvePoint experts, led by Dana Simberkoff, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, to discuss data sovereignty and privacy in the cloud. With many factors to be taken into consideration, our panel offers tips and advice to help understand the existing or upcoming data protection laws in the EU and ways technology can keep your data safe in the cloud."

What is Bomgar Privileged Access Management?

Bomgar Privileged Access Management enables security professionals to control, monitor and manage access to critical systems by privileged users and third-party vendors. Check out this short video to learn more!

Know What to Defend Against: Anatomy of a Network Attack

You can’t secure your IT infrastructure if you don’t know what’s attacking you and how. In this session, Alert Logic will share information on the latest network security trends, including the types of activity that the Alert Logic research team sees from our more than 2700 customers, and data on the origins and targets of attacks.