Prioritizing Active Directory Security to Disrupt Ransomware Attack

Attackers are targeting Active Directory in nearly every type of attack, especially ransomware attacks. Unfortunately, organizations struggle with where to begin to secure AD, as well as what should be emphasized. The end result is a weak AD security posture that is easily attacked and exploited by attackers. There is a solution to securing AD to disrupt attackers. By prioritizing the most exploited settings, the attack surface of AD can be dramatically reduced. This approach of securing AD gives every organization a clear starting and ending point to get through a first wave of securing their AD environment.
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Securing Organizations from Remote Desktop Protocol Exploits


Insecure implementations of Remote Desktop Protocol have exposed organizations to serious risks of cyber attacks. Ransomware like SamSam and cryptominers like CrySis exploit insecure configurations, resulting in large and well-publicized breaches like the one that occurred at LabCorp. Because of the nature of Remote Desktop Protocol, these exposures often occur outside of organizations' known IP space, making them difficult to detect and remediate. This webinar will discuss how easily these misconfigurations can occur, how organizations can discover them, even outside of normal IP space, and how they can establish playbooks to remediate and reduce occurrence over time.
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Financing Security: How M&As and the Markets Are Shaping the Security Industry


Attend the unique SIA webinar “Financing Security: How M&As and the Markets Are Shaping the Security Industry” to learn more about the impact of the 2018 deals that brought together Amazon and Ring, ADT and Red Hawk, Motorola and Avigilon, Securitas and Kratos, and many others. In addition, this webinar will examine the debt capital markets, equity capital markets, emerging market trends and other financial components of the security industry, while providing a look ahead to the rest of 2019.a
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How to Implement a Cybersecurity-first Culture for the Modern Workplace

The shift to the remote and hybrid workplace has presented new opportunities to hackers as they look to exploit weaknesses brought about by unfamiliar work practices, multiple and BYOD devices, and most importantly the busy day-to-day lives of our employees. According to email statistics, the average person receives over 100 emails per day (Earthweb), and with human error the cause of 85% of cyber security breaches (IBM) you can see why email is the number one threat vector.
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Overcoming Cloud & Security Challenges


74% of Healthcare organizations report leveraging the Cloud to achieve financial savings and operational efficiencies. However, recent findings show over 60% of these organizations are experiencing Cloud adoption challenges and Security anxiety. It is essential for Healthcare organizations to overcome these challenges as there is a much larger digital transformational trend ahead, where Cloud will become a crucial component of patient care innovation. Join Healthcare IT veterans from Microsoft & Synoptek, as they discuss the future of Cloud for Healthcare and best practices to help you overcome Cloud challenges and achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, security, and HIPAA compliance in the Cloud.
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