Private Equity Cybersecurity: Preliminary Look at Exclusive Compliance Checklist

Join ACG’s Private Equity Regulatory Taskforce (PERT) and Dennis Johnson, Wipfli LLP Risk Advisory Services Manager, as they divulge pertinent information about the best-in-class Wipfli Cybersecurity Checklist. The Cybersecurity Checklist is an exclusive perk for PERT members. However, all webinar attendees will benefit from an illuminating glimpse into the cybersecurity resource. The Cybersecurity Checklist helps firms to measure cybersecurity functions at their particular institution. It does this by using the PERT’s exclusive Cybersecurity “Principle” and the SEC’s cybersecurity guidance.
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New CISO Survey Reveals Top Challenges for Small Cyber Security Teams

The only threat more persistent to organizations than cyber criminals? The cyber security skills crisis. Nearly 60% of enterprises can't find the staff to protect their data (and reputations!) from new and emerging breeds of cyber-attacks, reports the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) in its 5th annual global industry study.
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Six Inconvenient Truths About Data-Centric Security (And What to Do About Them)

Omnibus healthcare information security

Despite everything you've spent on data-centric security, there still is a security gap that is burgeoning at an alarming rate when it comes to protecting sensitive data. The growing complexity of users outside your organization, methods of sharing information, and the number of devices data reside on are continually changing and expanding. Rethink your data-centric security in 2019 with insights from IDC's Research Analyst, Rob Westervelt. This educational webcast will highlight how to: Leverage and extend the value of the Data-Centric Security solutions that you have in place. Identify and eliminate blind spots with current solutions such as DLP, Data Classification, and Rights Management to optimize your security.
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Draft and Develop: A Solution to the Cyber Security Skills Shortage

Security Boulevard

By 2019, the nonprofit group ISACA predicts a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals. Security can no longer work in a silo-- they now need to communicate across the business and balance the needs of multiple stakeholders from product line managers to ops teams. Outreach’s CISO, Martin Rues, knew finding a candidate with the combination of DevOps, Security and Cloud would be a time-consuming exercise with low yield. He decided to invest in his teams and create an apprenticeship program to “draft and develop” internal talent, and groom then into the Cloud SecOps role that we required. Join Martin on July 26th at 1pm EDT to learn how he developed the apprenticeship program to build internal cloud security talent.
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Understand and Protect the Modern Attack Surface


Join Cylance® as we discuss effective methods of risk management across three main components of the modern attack surface – endpoints, applications, and users. Each component brings with it varying methods of attack and strategies for threat mitigation. In this webinar, Cylance will discuss best practices for minimizing and protecting these critical aspects of your attack surface.
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