Protecting the Exchange of Sensitive Customer Data with Your Vendors

For financial institutions, data security is both an operational and regulatory imperative. A bank or financial services provider that fails to protect a customer's financial data faces the threat of losing customers, tarnishing their reputation and eventually losing competitive advantage. There are some key questions you should think about when it comes to securing your customers' important financial data, including: How does regulatory compliance, like GLBA, affect the way your data needs to be handled & audited? Who has access to your sensitive files? What would the impact be if these files, including sensitive customer data, were compromised? Where and when is this data being sent.
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As a cloud security provider we spend a lot of time answering questions about why organizations are attacked. Who is attacking them? And what’s at stake? What we’ve discovered is that there’s an entire DDoS ecosystem of criminals, arms dealers and victims. Our infographic shows how


Cybersecurity 2014 The Impact on Global Companies

Data security and privacy is one hot topic in compliance. From the recent high profile data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus, to the ever-present focus on IT security awareness, compliance professionals know that cybersecurity is becoming a higher and higher priority. It’s becoming clearer that prioritizing compliance risks up front lets you understand the full magnitude of your compliance risk, design controls to more effectively mitigate it and create remediation plans to better respond to risk events, like data breaches.

RSA 2016 - Cyber Security's Role in the Global Political Sphere


BrightTALK favourite Raj Samani took the time to discuss the influence of cyber on middle eastern political conflicts; the role of hacking in Russian-American tensions; how to combat the cyber skills shortage and the enduring benefits of security collaboration.

Promoting an Information Security Culture

Shan Lee is the Head of Information Security at JUST EAT Plc where he is passionate about promoting a "Security Culture" in what is a fast moving and rapidly expanding, multinational environment.

ISA 62443 Patch Management Overview and Methods for Zero-Day Threat Protection

"The growing presence of widely known and used Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) systems in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) provides an increased opportunity for cyber attacks against ICS equipment. Such attacks, if successful, could have severe impact to not only process availability but also safety. Patch management is one particular area of cybersecurity which requires special attention when applied to ICS. It is part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that increases cybersecurity through the installation of patches that resolve bugs, operability, reliability, and cyber security vulnerabilities. The ISA-TR62443‑2‑3 technical report, developed by the ISA 99 Working Group 6, addresses the patch management aspect of ICS cyber security. Also part of an effective strategy is the use of compensating cybersecurity controls to protect ICS systems from exploits and malware in between often long patching cycles. Novel network and host based technologies have recently become available to address even zero-day threats which bypass conventional signature-based approaches."