Real Customer Successes: Business Transformation through Information Governance

"Successful Information Governance enables organizations to take control of their information, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and ultimately achieve greater profitability. Watch the webinar on demand, Real Customer Successes: Business Transformation through Information Governance, to hear expert insights on how real-world customers have successfully leveraged Information Governance programs.
Barclay Blair of the Information Governance Initiative and OpenText's Stephen Ludlow discuss how customers have successfully implemented Information Governance programs that streamline processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs to transform their businesses. You’ll learn:
•How leading organizations have been able to amplify the value in their information
•How to measure the success of an Information Governance implementation
•What drivers lead customers to implement an Information Governance program"
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Different Types of 11 CYBER ATTACKS. An important part et protecting your business from potential cyber-attack is to understand the threat landscape. This infographic outlines the common cyber-attacks likely to affect your business, with the aim of helping you detect and prevent these attacks stoking your business.


The Virtual Backdoor: Protecting Your Digital Supply Chain

"Securing the digital supply chain has risen up the corporate agenda in light of increased reliance on outsourcing, largely influenced by cloud computing, mobile technology and a change in cybercriminal focus and behaviour. Online criminals are increasingly looking to exploit smaller supplier organisations as opposed to the large corporate businesses sharing the data. These small suppliers often comprise of less than 250 employees, have a very small security staff (if any), immature security monitoring, tools or testing capability, and divergent priorities (namely trying to grow and stay in business) to protecting a larger organisation's data."

Cyber Security Special Webinar-How To Dial With Cyber Risk

Data Guidence Financial

DataGuidance, in conjunction with Sidley Austin, will hold a webinar on 17 July which will examine the legal aspects of cyber security risk as a source of corporate liability.Topics covered will include the recently announced UK Government “Cyber Essentials Scheme” which aims to encourage businesses to build cyber security into their operations, how to reduce cyber security risks through insurance and how to put in place governance structures and risk registers to evaluate and deal with cyber security as well as data protection compliance, information security reviews and vendor/supplier contract review programmes.

After the Data Breach: Stolen Credentials

Security Boulevard

When usernames and passwords are compromised in a data breach, the consequences extend far beyond the victim organization due to rampant password reuse. For this reason, NIST recently recommended that organizations check users’ credentials against a set of known compromised passwords. However, by patroning dark web forums and paying for spilled credentials, enterprises indirectly support the criminal ecosystem. Furthermore, attackers often don’t publicly post stolen data until months or years after the breach, if at all. Is there a better way to follow NIST guidelines and protect users from account takeover? Join Justin Richer, co-author of NIST Digital Identity Guidelines 800-63B, and Gautam Agarwal, Shape's Senior Director of Product Management, for a lively discussion on NIST’s password recommendations and how best to prevent account takeover fraud at your organization.

Mobile Security Q&A with Intel's Malcolm Harkins


Spend an hour with mobile security pioneer Malcolm Harkins, chief security and privacy officer at Intel, as he answers direct questions from attendees about how to get the most from your mobile security efforts. Attendees had the opportunity to submit questions directly to Harkins. Among the topics he discussed: Identity and access management in the mobile era; How to secure data - not just devices; New business benefits your organization can gain from BYOD.