"Red Team - Train How You Fight"

"Red Team testing simulates a real-world attack by combining intelligence gathering, network and physical testing with social engineering to target your organization’s critical assets. This goal-based testing provides a depth of findings that vulnerability scanning and conventional penetration testing can’t achieve.

Attendees will:
1.Learn How Red Team testing complements your existing security program.
2.Hear real-world examples of Red Team engagements.
3.Find out if a Red Team test is right for your organization"
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For the past decade, front office and back office systems such as CRM, payroll, and document management have gradually moved to the cloud. That change has been relatively seamless. But now enterprises are contemplating and executing the migration of once immovable major systems that have been enscon


IBM X-Force: Insights from the 1Q 2015 X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly

"2014 brought significant change for the internet security industry. According to IBM's latest X-Force report: - Over 1 billion records of PII were leaked in 2014 - Vulnerability disclosures rocketed to a record high in 2014, and designer vulns like Heartbleed and Shellshock revealed cracks in the foundation of underlying libraries on nearly every common web platform - Crowd-sourced malware continues to mutate, resulting in new variants with expanding targets - App designer apathy is negatively impacting security on mobile devices. Join (ISC)2 and IBM to learn more about the findings of the latest IBM X-Force report and X-Force Interactive Security Incident website, designed to help users gain in-depth understanding of security breaches publicly disclosed over time."

"How to Identify the Attacks that Matter Most"

palo alto networks

"For most security teams, there are simply too many alerts to deal with in a day. From various security devices and third-party feeds to threat intelligence sources — the sea of information makes it virtually impossible for organizations to quickly respond before damage can be done. How can security operations, analysis, and research teams cut through the noise, and drill straight down into the security events that matter most? Join Palo Alto Networks® for a live webinar that will focus on how Cyberthreat Intelligence helps security teams"

'Tis the Season for Safer Shopping? An analysis of retail security performance

"Are retailers more secure now than last year? The retail industry has been a common target for data breaches, especially in the past year. Since the Target breach in December 2013, there has been at least one major breach reported every month. What makes retailers so vulnerable to cyber threats? Join Stephen Boyer, CTO of BitSight Technologies, for this webinar to learn: -How third parties make retailers more vulnerable to attack -Which security metrics can serve as meaningful performance indicators -How continuous performance monitoring can make retailers (and other companies) safer -What can be learned from benchmarking security performance against competitors and the industry."

BYOx: developing and deploying effective strategies to safeguard data

"As the trend of employees using smartphones and tablets as corporate access devices in the workplace grows, businesses of all sizes continue to see information security risks being exploited. These risks stem from both internal and external threats including mismanagement of the device itself, external manipulation of software vulnerabilities and the deployment of poorly tested, unreliable business applications. During this webinar Steve Durbin, Managing Director of ISF, will explain why it is important for organisations to embrace these new technologies to develop and deploy effective enterprise-wide strategies and to safeguard their data."