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The challenges of SaaS applications such as Office 365, Box or Salesforce are already here whether they are enabled by IT or end users themselves. With the adoption of SaaS, your data is now outside your traditional network perimeter and any changes to how the data is shared, who it is shared with and if it is free of malware is no longer known by your organization. History has shown that organizations often deploy a point product to address these new risks. But, defenses made up of multiple point products that do not integrate leave gaps that may expose your organization to attack.
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Does your business comply with federal, state and industry information security regulations? How much at risk are you right now? Find out now with this fast and simple compliance scorecard.


"Breaking Cybercrime: Real-Life Case Studies from Today’s Top Security Experts"

"Our panel of security experts will cover the steps needed to appropriately respond to a data breach including how to: - Engage with law enforcement (FBI and Secret Service) - Work with general counsel on notifications steps, corporate communications, and preparation for post breach litigation - Act on your Incident Response plan quickly and effectively - Communicate the actions being taken to internal stakeholders including executive staff, and the board of directors - Improve risk management by implementing lessons learned - Improve your cyber resiliency through a realistic breach preparedness program."
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"The Emergence of Data Centric Security"


"Introducing Data Centric Security and demonstrating the ground breaking Dynamic Data Masking. In this webinar Informatica’s Data Security team will look at how different security approaches can provide a multilevel defence against both external and internal threats. The merits and limitations of Encryption, Tokenization and Masking will be debated, and then we will take a close up look at the capabilities of the impressive Dynamic Data Masking solution which is helping companies to de-risk the growing threat posed by internal data breaches"
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"Understanding The Game Changer - Cyber Threat Intelligence"

alert logic

In this session, Martin Lee, Intelligence Manager discusses why a cyber threat intelligence capability is so critical, share insights into current threat vectors and how threat intelligence should be integrated into your cyber security strategy to help countering threats.
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"Getting to Grips with Cyber-Security"


The majority of organisations across Europe and UK now accept that targeted attacks are a serious problem. Quocirca’s presentation reviews recent research into the perception of cyber-threats, the impact they can have and the before, during and after measures organisations are putting in place to protect themselves against them. The presentation includes a preview of new research to be published in December 2015
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