"Risk Driven IAM: Tackle IAM with a Risk Based Approach"


Identity Access Management is a complex matrix of requirements meant to assure that only the right people have access to your data. This requires the creation of a rules, roles, and a method for preserving information about access rights. In other words, we create 'big data' that then must be mined to find the most risky individuals and risky behaviors. By starting with a risk-based approach, finding those behaviors and individuals is easier. Explore with us as we examine how risk values can be assigned as you build the database so that analyzing and reporting become easier.
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This infographic talks about the latest in mobile app security, the challenges and the best practices to tackle them by building secure mobile apps. Data at rest encryption In association with Detection of jailbreak and rooting of device obile app encryption obile privacy implementation.


'Tis the Season for Safer Shopping? An analysis of retail security performance

"Are retailers more secure now than last year? The retail industry has been a common target for data breaches, especially in the past year. Since the Target breach in December 2013, there has been at least one major breach reported every month. What makes retailers so vulnerable to cyber threats? Join Stephen Boyer, CTO of BitSight Technologies, for this webinar to learn: -How third parties make retailers more vulnerable to attack -Which security metrics can serve as meaningful performance indicators -How continuous performance monitoring can make retailers (and other companies) safer -What can be learned from benchmarking security performance against competitors and the industry."

Database Security Threats: Risks to Your Data

"Today, businesses leverage confidential and mission critical data that is often stored in traditional, relational databases or more modern, big data platforms. Understanding the key threats to database security and how attackers use vulnerabilities to gain access to your sensitive information is critical to deterring a database attack. Join this webinar to learn about the latest threats and how to remediate them"

Defend Your Company Data and Mobile Workers from Cybersecurity Threats

"It’s a growing problem. Your mobile workers want continual access to company data so they can perform their responsibilities and increase their productivity. But, allowing this information on personal mobile devices increases the risk of malware and lost data. Join our webcast to understand why having data and apps from both personal and business environments on mobile devices is dangerous"

The Value of Mobile Identity and The "Internet of Things" Now

"Most organizations have barely begun to incorporate mobile technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) into their business. But IoT and mobile identity are essential to successfully monetizing new devices and ""things"", realizing new business opportunities, and extending customer reach. This webinar will discuss the shift from the ""keep things out"" model to the ""identity relationship management"" model and include a demo of key technologies and emerging standards required for rapid, device-agnostic rollouts"