Sacred Cash Cow Tipping 2019

Yet again it is time for another edition of Sacred Cash Cow Tipping! Or, “Why do these endpoint security bypass techniques still work? Why?” The goal of this is to share just some of the ways Black Hills Information Security bypassed endpoint security in 2018. Unfortunately, these webcasts still seem to be needed because there is a prevalent attitude that it is somehow possible to get endpoint security with full synergy and it will be bulletproof and under a single pane of glass. All with cyber threat intelligence and A.I. sprinkled in with a bit of EDR magic to stop all attacks.
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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Leveraging Dataminr and Our Partner Ecosystem To Address Your Convergence Needs

Dataminr is building a robust ecosystem of partnerships and integrations to help our customers deploy the most valuable and efficient solutions for their cyber-physical convergence needs. With these partnerships, our customers are improving awareness, mitigating risk and reducing the time to respond. This conversation explores:
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Key Functionalities of a Modern Cyber Threat Intelligence Program

Everyone knows security is overloaded work wise – not everyone understands what that means. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is typically very technical so how can you convince the teams setting business objectives and allocating resources (for budget) of what the cybersecurity priorities should be? A modern CTI program needs to show value to the business because it will help solve some of the major problems we’re seeing in TI programs today (such as lack of resources or lack of data). Part of this includes bridging the gap between threat and risk to ensure your operational strategy aligns with the overall business objectives.
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Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes security is becoming more challenging as the number of clusters running cloud-native applications continues to multiply rapidly. Challenges range from allowing in only legitimate traffic and enabling least-privileged communications between services to defend against attacks moving laterally between clusters, to validating how a workload is operating within the expected guardrails.
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Breach Detection: Why SPOTTING a Breach is More Important than STOPPING it


In the current threat landscape, most businesses now recognise that it is only a matter of time before they are breached. This shift in philosophy from the idea of preventing every intrusion to realising that intrusions will happen is an important milestone. Sadly, hackers can hide in your network for days, weeks or months without your knowledge. UK businesses, especially SMBs, need to get smarter in their approach to detecting intrusions and limiting their impact.
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