SANS Top New Attacks and Threat Report

Each year, the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco features top SANS instructors presenting their look at the new attack techniques currently in use and their projections for future exploits. This fast-paced panel--moderated by Alan Paller and featuring Heather Mahalik, Ed Skoudis and Johannes Ullrich--is one of the highest-rated keynote sessions at the conference. In this webcast, SANS Director of Emerging Technologies John Pescatore will highlight: The top new attacks and threats as defined in that presentation.
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This isn't your typical product demo or attack simulation. In this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at how to empower you — the defender — with Ai Hunting technology. We'll start with the full view of a real-life cyber attack and then zoom in on the viewpoint of the defender. Witness the malicious operation from the defender’s view and learn how to gain the upper hand over the adversary with the power of automated threat hunting, using AI technology.
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The Future of Adaptive Authentication in Financial Services


The number of cyberattacks on financial institutions (FIs) cannot be overstated. In the past year, there have been more than one billion cyberattacks on financial institutions. That is three hundred times more than any other industry, such as retail, insurance, or healthcare. At an average cost of $18 million dollars for each successful attack, what are you to do? How do you combat this aggressively growing threat? In this webinar, OneSpan and ISMG will summarize key findings from a recent study that surveyed the state of adaptive authentication from over 150 FIs and what techniques can be taken to mitigate the increasing rate of cyberthreats.
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DevOps with Simulation

Are you considering using simulation to develop and test your software or applications? Make continuous integration and DevOps possible for embedded development. Find out how to: Provide a 24/7 automated test lab for your entire team Increase test automation by 12,000% Achieve 30% faster testing
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Top Ten Ways to Handle Contracts Effectively In-House

Handling a large number of contracts is a fact of life for most in-house attorneys – with an ever-increasing volume and tight deadlines, even before a M&A or other event triggers a voluminous contract review. But it doesn’t have to be chaotic or disorganized: with the right processes and tools you can provide strong, responsive
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