Secure Web Development Bootcamp: SDLC Fundamentals in 60 Minutes

This condensed, one-hour secure development webinar provides you with an instructor-led Secure Web Development Bootcamp training that will help your team better understand how to build secure websites. This session gets participants up-to-speed on the state of application security today by tying together current headlines to secure coding practices and principles. Demonstrations and re-enactments highlight how attackers take advantage of common web vulnerabilities.
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Check Point Research recently found a critical security vulnerability in ISPsystem software which allows an attacker to hijack a session of another logged-in user and take control over that user’s web-sites, virtual machines, billing data, etc.


I Survived Rock'n'Roll: Security Incident Escalation and Response

"The Show Must Go On! How Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Bob Marley and Charlie Daniels prepared me for the Security Industry. This highly entertaining and relevent presentation maps the skills needed in my first career as a recording engineer for live productions to best practices for cyber security incident reporting and escalation. A great case for interdisciplinarianism. Our cyber-security education system fails to train adequately. We don’t teach history – to our own detriment. We don’t create a foundation of actionable knowledge, instead relying on book knowledge. We don’t explore interdisciplinary synergies and we have failed to embrace failure as a well-earned skill set. In the music business, we had to deal with constant failures, beginning with equipment malfunctions in our DIY world. We had to be able to fix on the fly and deal with the human foibles of musicians and unions (i.e., users). Join me in looking at decades of technology and how so much of we have all learned in “Prior Lives” can be the live lessons for how we deal with information security"

Security Matters: Threat Assessments for 2015

"This year has brought profound changes to the security landscape, especially in the area of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Aside from the traditional saturation objectives of such assaults, DDoS attacks are increasingly used as cyber “smokescreens” to mask more intrusive and more destructive penetration operations. Join Neustar and media leader, Cox Communications, in a forward-looking discussion on what you should consider to safeguard your business in 2015. During this session, you’ll hear about: • 2014 security trends and lessons • 2015 DDoS threat assessments • Real-world approaches to help keep you safe "

Cybersecurity Risk Management: How You can Respond Now

Crowe Horwath

Cybersecurity incidents and the resulting data breaches and disruptions continue to threaten all industries and no one is immune from the threats. The impact of operational, financial, and reputation risks of cybersecurity cannot be disregarded. In this webinar, cybersecurity experts from Crowe Horwath LLP will provide an update on cybersecurity risks and present trends to watch for in 2015 and 2016. The session also will provide an overview of how to respond to cybersecurity risks, including a practical approach to identifying and prioritizing a proper response.

Armadillo hosts webinar on Deception-based Cyber Security

Deception-based cyber security defence enables customers to meet and defeat the threats of advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero day events and other sophisticated malware.DeceptionGrid automates the deployment of a network of camouflaged malware traps that are intermingled with your real information technology resources. These traps appear identical in every way to your real IT assets. Once attackers have slipped past your other cyber defence products, they move laterally to find high value targets. Just one touch of DeceptionGrid sets off a high confidence ALERT. Real-time automation isolates malware and delivers a comprehensive assessment directly to your security operations team (SOC). You are ready to defend your enterprise and defeat the malware.